11 thoughts on “The I-Ching and Time Wave Zero (History Channel)

  1. Apocolypse is a Mayan word. “Change” You may want to change tour diapers for this one.It’s only been 13000 years since the last. Pay real close attention to the rift. You know the one in the centre of the galaxy.

  2. how bout the world shall end when the west and east fight each other.
    the US and China let;s say. 🙁

  3. Alex Chiu’s Super Iching is the most accurate Iching course on the net. Check it out. You won’t regret.

  4. dry laying THIS COMPUTER PROGRAM IT CAN MEASURE DOWN to the second of your day. It is not something written on paper or stone. If your just seek to try download. Then put your money on your words. By the way the video does not promote that destruction will happen. Only notes that people think it does. What if its say, the date the worlds people not profit seekers, out grow this sick world and change?

  5. its just a prediction like all the other predictions that go on. they have also predicted the world would end along time ago. nothing happened. just somthing to scare people.

  6. its so hard to tell who is telling the truth and what is a lie. i want to believe more then anything that people are right when they say that nothing is going to happen on december 21 2012 and that all thats going to happen is that we start at zero again. but on the other hand how can u deny the facts? all of the other calenders say that the world is going to end on this day and that there will be mass destruction.how can you tell if were going to live through it or not ? anyone have an answer?

  7. Wrong perception I agree, 2012 is something to celebrate!! For real.

    I have this program time wave zero, want it?

  8. The Tribulation will be from summer 2009-2016.
    Winter solstice 2012 will be the midpoint known as the “abomination that causes desolation” (subtract 1260 days to find the start and add 1260 days to find the end). When is Christ returning? No knows but the Father, but it will be “in a twinkling of an eye” like a “thief in the night”. Just get saved and repent now and you will have nothing to fear.
    Google/youtube: “Verichip corp” & “Project Bluebeam”

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