are you far from home? Do you feel homesick?

I wish this song will make you happy.. I really love this song..

Blackmore’s Night – Home again

I’ve been many places
I’ve traveled round the world
Always on the search for something new
But what does it matter
When all the roads I’ve crossed
Always seem to lead back to you…

Old familiar faces
Everyone you meet
Following the ways of the land
Cobblestones and lanterns
Lining every street
Calling me to come home again

Dancing in the moonlight
Singing in the rain
Oh it’s good to be back home again
Laughing in the sunlight
Running down the lane
Oh it’s good to be back home again

When you play with fire
Sometimes you get burned
It happens when you take a chance or two
But time is never wasted
When you’ve lived and learned
And in time it all comes back to you…

And when I got weary
I’d sit a while and rest
Memories invading my mind
All those things I’d treasured
The ones I’d loved the best
Were the things that I’d left behind..

8 thoughts on “are you far from home? Do you feel homesick?

  1. I am at home. Yet I feel home sick, and I guess I will always feel home sick any where I go. For I haven’t found a place that I can call home.

  2. You reminded me of another song and now I cant get it out of my head!! LoL yes am homesick thus take a look at all my questions and answers today and you’ll see what kind of mood am in. Its not easy being part of two worlds either because I have two homes, Beirut, Tripoli and, London UK so I never really FEEL at home.. but this is life

    Edit: thumbs up aussie.. thanks and you always make me smile 🙂

  3. Now look what you’ve done !

    You’ve got poor Toushka all mushy & not knowing which end is up …

    Nice words…some of us are destined to be torn between different ” worlds ” .

    Then there are those who don”t fit in anywhere ……but , remember , there is always someone worse off than us so ……

    Keep Smiling …

  4. Beautiful song…
    My home is Lebanon and I’ve been away for many years. Sometimes I cry when I think about it.

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