Atheists: Where would you be without Theism?

“the worst moment for an Atheist is when they are truly thankful and has no one to thank.” – Dante Gabriel Rossetti
@punk: nah, just thumbing through interesting quotes.
but it is interesting to see a rise in emotional temps.

32 thoughts on “Atheists: Where would you be without Theism?

  1. Nope.
    I for one would be much happier. and the world would be a FAR better place without religion.

  2. I disagree. I am quite capable of being grateful without having to direct that gratitute toward anything but the cosmos and the Earth.

  3. That’s a pathetic quote. We are smart enough to realize we are the cause of our own success, not another being. NOOB

  4. I’m truly thankful to myself and my family and my friends. Only believers have no friends and no family.

  5. Same place I am now actually, living my life, not commenting here and not accepting the concept of gods…

    If gods were never created in the first place, where would you be?

    Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays…

  6. Yeah, uh, wrong. I don’t say “Thank god.” any more than theists say “Well, gee, I wonder if any part of my holy book is based on fact, I should look a few things up from an anaffiliated source..”

  7. As theists have some things to be entertain with them and thankful, be sure that atheists also have sometings to be entertained and be thankful to have such things.The world is enough great to place many ideas and ideologies in it.

  8. Absolutely NO ONE is worthless. God made humans in His own image. Even though an atheist would never admit to such a Creator, doesn’t mean that that atheist does not have worth in God’s eyes.

    I did a little research on attitudes towards atheists. Atheists think they are the group that is shown the most bigotry. It is hard to show someone who is so “in your face” with criticism. Yet, God calls us to love everyone. In fact, He says “they will know we are Christians by our love.” I keep wondering how Christians can do better at this towards folks they know are atheists.

    I have a brother-in-law who is a proclaimed atheists. He is really a wonderful guy. He is very kind and thoughtful towards others. There just seems to be such a disconnect between what he says he believes and how his worldview plays out. The reality of life and the theoretical presuppositions about life, just doesn’t seem to connect, yet he doesn’t want to discuss this with me.

    I keep thinking that God can change his heart. It’s my responsibility to love him and accept him as a person, even though his atheism is in direct opposite to what I believe.

    I think Christians should show active concern to atheists by getting to know them personally, doing random acts of kindness towards them & praying their hearts out for them.

  9. Being thankful without anyone to thank is more like a Zen koan than an actual scenario.

    Every time I have ever been thankful, it has been toward a specific person or group. Gratitude by definition requires an object of gratitude.

  10. Every one knows there is GOD, they are too cowardly to admit.
    Ask a dying atheist what he thinks when faced with sudden and inevitable mortal danger.

  11. Why should I at every moment direct my gratitude to an uncertain deity when I can direct to whom it is rightfully deserved?

  12. I’d still be an atheist, I just wouldn’t need a word for it. just like I don’t need the word “athorist” to describe my lack of belief in half-witted giant gods with big hammers who cause lightning and thunder.

  13. much much happier…and that quote holds no water. i am thankful everyday for many things.. and i thank those around me as well as myself because it is MYSELF and THOSE IN MY LIFE that make those things possible.. not some silly storybook character. would you be thankful to Cinderella and her Prince Charming if the majority said to?

  14. probably off in some sort of spaceship not being tormented by my families nagging to get me to live the way they want.

  15. Theism is hardly better than Atheism. “So you believe that God is one? You do well, the demons believe as much…and tremble.” Book of James 2:19.

    He who has the Son has the Father also; he who does not have the Son, does not have the Father.

    Beware of false opposites. They are one way in which the Devil deceives.

    Yours in Christ, Nick

  16. That quot implies that God does everything for us, a concept that turned me off to idea of god. I will thank the people directly responsible for my good fortune. Thought I’d just put my two cents in on that one…

    And where would I be without theists? Same place, actually.

  17. See, i would be thanking the PEOPLE that helped me.

    i hate it when a world class boxer/cage fighter (as an example) wins a match and then………… THANKS GOD!!!!

    wtf, who did the work, who spent the days and weeks in the gym. Who started out getting his @$$ beat in the training ring, who went thought the pain of every last punch from that other world class fighter, who took time away from family and social chances to fight and win something they really truly wanted. THE FIGHTER DID!!!

    God had nothing to do with they’re physical skill, they’re mental determination, and their will to win. You chistians even say He can’t control free will, so he couldn’t help the fighter and he didn’t hurt the opponent.

  18. In those moments, I thank the Universe and/or my “lucky stars.” They aren’t bad moments: Feeling really lucky (knowing that no amount of personal merit could have earned my good fortune) makes me giddily euphoric in a way that having my favors dispensed to me by a hypothetical “superior” entity never could. Once again, O Theist, you’ve tried, and failed, to equate the suffocating constraint of your abject moral servitude to my large-souled independence and perfect freedom. One wonders, is it envious resentment–like that of the caged bird for the free-flying bird, or of the chained dog for the wide-ranging wolf–that motivates your persistent attempts to deny that I am happy?

  19. I’d be able to send my kids to school where science is taught in school and I own my uterus in all fifty states.

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