Indian Astrology in India

Indian astrology, also known as the Vedic astrology or ‘jyotish’, is the traditional form of astrology. The Indian Astrologers use 12 constellations from Babylonian and also has an additional “lunar” or the moon zodiac which is based on 27 lunar nakshatras or constellations. These constellations are based upon the number of days that the moon takes in completing a cycle, relative to stars. The astrology revolves round sidereal zodiac, which differs from tropical zodiac in the western astrology.

Indian Astrology or the vedic astrology establishes a correlation of an individual’s life with the movements of stars that afflict his life. The presence of nine planets denote the nine personality traits and define which ones are dominating or subordinating. The Indian Astrologers make predictions upon the movement of planets and provide remedies for any impending or unfortunate event that might take place in a person’s life.

The foresights made by the Indian Astrologers of Indian astrology have proved to be highly legitimate. Moreover, the deep insight and knowledge of the world renowned Indian Astrologers like Ram Avtar Shastry have helped people in finding suitable remedies for problems pertaining to their life, future, career, health and relationships.

The Indian astrology is based on NAKSHATRA JYOTISH (Stellar or constellation). Indian astrologers have to deeply research Indian Vedic astrology and analyze the vast span of the Nakshatra to predict the accurate things. There are steps to divided zodiac into parts with the help of certain formulas to derive the best possible and enviable results. Indian astrologers adopt different strategy and plans to come to a result.

Indian astrologers constantly work on all these aspects in astrology zone for the goodness of mankind in all the matters. They gain immense power and strength to accurately predict in matters related to prosperity or power, health or harmony and misfortunes or family affairs.

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