Michael Anderson (Collage Geomancy at Marlborough Gallery)

Ins&Outs TV attended Bronx-born collage artist Michael Anderson’s “Collage Geomancy” exhibition, which ran from March 26 to April 25 at the Marlborough Chelsea Gallery (545 West 25th Street) in NYC. I&O TV brings you Anderson’s dynamic, large-scale collage artwork complete with detailed commentary from the artist himself. Visit www.chamuconegro.com for more info on Michael Anderson, and watch out for the Visual Art Feature on this artist in Ins&Outs Vol. II, Issue 04.

5 thoughts on “Michael Anderson (Collage Geomancy at Marlborough Gallery)

  1. Some of my favorite collages of all time are Camp Sesquanaha Memories 1989, Rachel, Jessica and Bethany- BFFs Forever, and Anorexia; The Silent Killer. I hope somebody in the future finds them.

  2. When I was a 13, I used to I used to stand in the mirror and lip synch EPMD songs. But I dont think I could ever create non-linear narratives this well. All four Kiss members in ONE HEAD! This guy just blew my f***in mind. I feel like I just watched the Matrix for the first time. I dont even know what reality Im in! AN IMPROVISATIONAL OR ABSTRACT MEATHOD! F*** Yeah!!! THE STRUCTURE OF THIS PIECE IS A VERY INTERESTING COMPOSITION! Awesome!

  3. Im a little confused by all the big words, but I still get the gist of this work. It is very f***in conceptual.

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