25 thoughts on “My wedding wiccan 30/05/2009

  1. @tulsahouseofnight you can buy books at chapters and stuff on wicca, and i go to a catholic school and we even have books on wicca in our library, there are also online schools for wicca, like magicka school << its free and they just use donations to help the website, although you can also buy things, and there are courses that if you want to do cost money, but for the basics its free. hope that helps you.

  2. I study wicca at home on the internet but i would love to learn more.

    P.S. AMAZING wedding 😀

  3. All I could see were two chicks dancing around… I think the dancers were too distracting.

  4. may the goddess be with you and yours may you have a wonderful path with eachother
    blessed be )O(

  5. @tulsahouseofnight iv got a good website for you friend wicca. c o m when you get there find hernes ramblings itll help alot
    blessed be )O(

  6. @tulsahouseofnight hello, sorry but I do not speak English and would be difficult for me to explain what Wicca, do Google searches, it’ll come out many sites that talk about this religion!
    Good study, blessings) O (

  7. that is an amazing wedding. personaly im christain at the moment but am really interested in wicca. if u could can u help tell me some more stuff about wicca. i have tried to look up everything i can. but icant seem to get enough info thats how intrested i am 🙂 i fully respect wiccans. an i say that honestly. may your god’s and godess’ bless you. ( i say that because im not a wiccan yet and wish to no more about it before i commit my self to it)

  8. oh wow…some of my fav music, lovely setting and theme… very lovely. congrats and blessings to you both

  9. so beautiful…the idea of the women playing instruments and the way everyone was dressed was amazing! blessed be )O( ~Fawn

  10. so lovely :3 congradulations you two (though it was a while ago) goddess bless )O(

  11. Totally awesome! My girlfriend and I are hoping to not be too pestered when we have a wedding Wicca style

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