quotes on atheism?

What do you think of these quotes:

“If there were no God, there would be no Atheists.”
(G. K. Chesterton / 1874-1936 / Where All Roads Lead, 1922)

“The worst moment for the atheist is when he is really thankful and has nobody to thank.”
(Dante Gabriel Rossetti / 1828-1882)

19 thoughts on “quotes on atheism?

  1. Sounds like the best thing christians can come up with. That’s pretty sad. You wanna hear a couple of my quotes? Well too bad I’m gonna share them with you anyways.

  2. Most theists don’t believe in other people’s gods either. As for the second one, I wish that were the least of my concerns in life.

  3. Utterly lovely and ridiculous. Change ‘atheist’ to Christian/Muslim and they ring true.

    What if there were neither Theist nor Atheist? Would God exist without a single thing acknowledging its symbol?

  4. The first one is interesting. It makes sense only if you believe there is a God.

    The ‘worst moment’ quote is asinine. Why do you think you need to thank God for your accomplishments?

  5. The first reminds me of something a chaplain said to me during a military training exercise in which I had to pretend to be injured. He said, “Soldier, would you like me to pray with you?” I told him “Thank you for the offer, sir, but I’m an atheist.” To which he replied, “There are no atheists on the battlefield.” I could only say, “Well, sir, you’ve just met the first. You can pray for yourself if it will make you feel better.”

  6. The worst moment for this atheist was reading this question. Nicely done, friend!

  7. “Atheism is totally awesome and 100% right” – God

    “I wouldn’t touch Sexy Thor with a 10ft barge pole” – Freyja

    “I love Atheists” – Fred Phelps

    Sorry Dudes, I couldnt resist – Sexy Thor.

  8. 1. There is no god and we are all atheists apart from those who are still deluded enough not to realise it

    2. Being thankful does not require having someone to thank

  9. negative for both..

    if there were no believers, there would be no term “atheists”

    and i have many many people to thank…

  10. You seem like a smart man
    I wish you were on our side, but alas, you’re a believer. Shame.

  11. Believers really love those quotes, but I’d be more interested in hearing some quotes that are said by an atheist and accurately represent atheism. Quotes like those are pointless because there’s no truth to them. They only serve to make believers pat themselves on the back and feel superior. That’s it. They have no other value.

  12. I’m pretty sure the non-belief in an invisible sky deity is NOT dependent upon that deity’s existence.

    Atheists thank themselves, their families, mentors, and anyone who has contributed advice or love over the course of their lives. Thanks doesn’t have to involve mumbling to an imaginary ghost.

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