Dowsing for ley lines, standing stones, spirit lines, cup-marked stones

How to find the energies from standing stones and circles, spirit lines from graveyards, and the purpose of cup-marks. Also how Irish Round Towers capture spirit energy

11 thoughts on “Dowsing for ley lines, standing stones, spirit lines, cup-marked stones

  1. @cowan315 – there’s a lot of earthworks and serpent mounds, from the Native Americans. I think that moreso than in most of Scotland, lots of other markers or amplifyers in the USA were destroyed purposely. Some are just not well known of (probably a good thing, keeps anyone away who isn’t sincere).

  2. @pleasuredome85 – You might get info you want at implosionresearch website, and from the Wooden Book on sacred geometry.

  3. Does anyone have a good link for detecting Hartmann & Curry lines? With rods & also pendulums. ie – how to tell the difference between if the rods cross because of some other type of energy; I’d expect to be able to cross-reference with pendulum, for more fine-tuning – & wondered has anyone made up such reference charts already.
    Say you locate rod-cross-points, then use the pendulum at them (different lengths, directions, swings) to fine-tune-down to what type of energy it is.

  4. Briefly, stone circles were placed above volanic anomilies, or crossing underground streams to pick up the energy and transmit it as waves to a distant burial ground.
    Where our ancestors found “power points” – above, again, crossing underground streams, they would erect a standing stone to pick up the subterranean energies and transmit them from the flat face of the stone, further amplifying they ley line, or more correctly, ley stream.
    In other words they acted a amplifiers.

  5. They’re many ley stones in vancouver in the mountains behind my home great places for hikes

  6. The USA does not have a ley system as we have here in Scotland, but there will be many natural leys around.
    See my book Ley Lines and Earth Energies for help in amplifying any that you do find.

  7. Unfortunately, no, I would have to go there and follow the energies emitted from the stones to do this. Glad you liked the video

  8. thanks mr cowan for an excellent video. do you have any thoughts on what the tri-spiral patterns that are engraved on the big stones at New Grange in Ireland could be for or represent?

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