Kniss Connection: How to Consult the I Ching

This week, I show you how to consult the I Ching. Kniss Connection is a weekly video series by Mindie Kniss @

6 thoughts on “Kniss Connection: How to Consult the I Ching

  1. Through a series of synchronicities, did I find the I Ching.
    I’m just learning how to use it, so I checked out this vid.

  2. Hey there, thanx, I really appreciate it. I stumbled onto, what was at that time to me the term, “I Ching”, earlier today while reading about the documentary “Down the Rabbit Hole” which I had already watched. I don’t have the Book of Changes yet, but I gotta say, it makes complete sense to me now and your video was a great help. Again, thanks.

    P.S. You are beautiful.

  3. Good video. I actually prefer using Master Alfred Huang’s translation. There seems to be different opinions regarding whether or not to use the yarrow stalk probabilities or the 3-coin probabilities. I normally use 3 coins, this gives a more balanced changing yin and yang (1/8 changing yin, 1/8 changing yang, 3/8 yin, 3/8 yang).
    Yarrow stalks favour yang slightly more than yin. (1/16 changing yin, 3/16 changing yang, 5/16 yin, 7/16 yang). What are your thoughts on this?

  4. Way to go miss kniss. Been trying to understand I-ching and your guide is by far the most informative.

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