Palmistry – Can lines appear out of the blue one day?

I just noticed I now have a health line. Ive never had it before (and yes I am certain).
It is there, and pretty strong too, why would this be?

3 thoughts on “Palmistry – Can lines appear out of the blue one day?

  1. yes as you get older you can develope lines like right now my health line is broken apart and i have no fate line. I have lots and lots of chains, stars, and other things on my palm. I’m sure when im older my fate line will appear and deep strong health lines mean good health!

    Do not listen to people who do not believe in palmistry, anything you believe in is fine. I believe in palmistry too, and a bunch of people think im crazy dont let these people get to you

  2. bend your palm skin, and grasp something hard, you’ll notice red new mark, do it again and again, it will became permanent

    you can add line by surgery too

  3. It’s important to remember that you have free will. And therefore everything in your hands (with the exception of your fingerprints) can change — depending on where your energy is.

    I think what you refer to as the “health line” is what I refer to as a Mercury line — generally this indicates that you may be opening up your lines of communication — as a speaker, writer or even with the Divine.

    Peggie Arvidson

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