Insights, Dead Sea Scrolls – 7/7 – Possibilities Click the above link to learn “The 11 Forgotten Laws That Make The Law of Attraction An Unbreakable Force” Gregg Braden – An Ancient Magical Prayer – Insights from the Dead Sea Scrolls. Part 7 of 7. Healing, Peace, Osculating Possibilities, Nature From 2003, Gregg Braden speaks in a live session on his works that combine science with spirituality to answer the deepest mysteries of our past, while solving the problems that threaten our future.

16 thoughts on “Insights, Dead Sea Scrolls – 7/7 – Possibilities

  1. what a waste a fricken time.., none of that whole fricken lecture had anything to do with the scrolls. This is seduction people

  2. look at your self as a circle no edges,
    nothing up nor down, you are responsible for everything you ;do then you will began to understand.

  3. What about the most extreme hostile actions taken against Jesus, Gandhi, John Lennon & MLK? If these guys were not perfectly established in peace, who is? Perhaps Deepak’s definition of “hostility” and “peace” differs from ours!

  4. “when we are perfectly established in peace, then all beings around us cease to feel hostility”
    can someone then explain why people felt hostility towards Maharishi, or Yeshua?

  5. Great information. I think the point, for some of the commenters below, is not who/what God is, but rather how we can experience God. And arguing over a ‘concept’ of God, really puts us back on par with mainstream religions, as they have been arguing this same argument since the beginning of time…AND, to that I ask: “How well has that been working for us”

  6. Ever since i have become awake Gregg has supplied so much trusted information. He delivers with so much information when “I” need it. This was one of those times.

  7. Then lets dont call it god because gods need worship. And the power he talks about needs no worship, it is pure love nothing like the god in the bible . Zero hell fire and brimstone pure does not condem to hell becauce hell does not happen PEACE AND LOVE NF

  8. Ya… Gregg does not believe that the Bible is 100% the only Word of God. He believes that the Bible is good text, but incomplete. His research reveal the facts of Christian religion creation and how the biblical message of Christ was altered, condensed and edited from Christ’s original words. Gregg’s knowing of God is deeper than denominations. From his perspective, the Christian God is the Muslim God is the Hindu God is EVERYONES GOD. 1 Source of all life. Check out “The God Code”.

  9. I would bet if you had Gregg s friendship he would tell you he does not beleive in the christain god ( bacause he never did )
    he would lose 80% of his book sales the massage is in his writing if you see it our read it he does not want to lose 80% of his income

  10. Gregg is only putting a god in this only for a time until the world wakes up to the truth of no god for now it sells books his under lining message is we are gods i hear it in the message he puts god for the masses put in time he will bring forth the truth about gods none xisting

  11. always arguing semantics is responsible for the splits in religion and philosophy. truth is that we are in an infinite quantum universe that requires great responsibility as conscious beings toward our home and one another.

  12. In Gregg’s book “The God Code” Gregg acknowledges that we are not God & that God is a living, loving, superior, purposeful creator. In that book, Gregg describes the universal text message, from God, literally written into the DNA of every human. “God Eternal Within The Body”.

    I’ve read Deepak’s “7 spiritual laws of success”, in it, from what I remember, he acknowledges a higher being. He also has a book called “How to know God”; I havn’t read it.

  13. Difference between Gregg and Deepak? G just about acknowledges God eg in his story in part 6 how an Am-Indian taught him we don’t create we choose between futures created for us, whereas Deepak appears entirely oblivious of a supreme unified causal consciousness: 05:40 “.. because the world is a projection of our cognition and perceptual mechanisms..”. To which we say, well, yes, it is, but only in as far as God facillitates it, for in him we have our being.

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