Question for Wiccans: What religion were you before you became a Wiccan?

Bonus Questions:
1.How old were you when you found out about Wicca?
2.What made you decide to become a Wiccan?
3. How long have you been practicing the Wiccan Ways?

8 thoughts on “Question for Wiccans: What religion were you before you became a Wiccan?

  1. Southern Baptist sect of Christianity. (–which was different than either of my parent’s sects.)

    Answers to bonus questions:
    1. Early 30s.
    2. Isis/Auset came to me in a vision, told me my True Name (which I can’t reveal to anyone – sorry), and I started studying Wicca.
    3. I was doing so for about 6 years before Sekhmet pounced me (psychically). Since then, it hasn’t been smooth, but things haven’t been boring either!

    p.s to Y! — Would you *please* put the Egyptian names of gods in your dictionary? both yours & Chrome’s keeps flagging them as misspellings!)

  2. Well, here’s my story:

    I was raised in a Jewish family, but was never happy with it. I later realized that this was because I Judaism didn’t make sense to me. When I was eleven years old, my aunt came to visit us to get away from hurricane Rita. She was a Pagan, and took her daugher and I to a Pagan store, where I learned about Paganism. I was instantly facinated with it. The moment I walked in the door, I felt a pull in my soul. Sounds kind of strange, but it’s true. I did more research on the religion, as well as other religions, and I found that Paganism made sense to me where other religions, including Judaism, didn’t. I am now fifteen, and I have been practicing ever since. That’s my story.

  3. Thanks for the good question! It’s nice to see someone asking a question that doesn’t involve some form of slamming us.

    I was raised Southern Baptist, until I entered Junior High, when I learned that there were many other paths that actually made more sense to me. At one time I was actually in a Lutheran School. Thank the Goddess that only lasted a year.

    1. I was about 27 when I became fully involved.
    2. After looking into the Wiccan paths, which I found to be quite numerous, even within the different traditions, the basic premise behind them all made sense and just felt “right”.
    3. I have now been a practicing Wiccan (As a Covener, High Priest of my own Coven and as a solitary) for going on 25 years in all.

    Blessed Be!

  4. i wouldnt say i was really part of a religion.. but my family is christian and so they brought me up that way. there quite leniant compared to others., and me studying other things/ religions didnt pose an issue.

    Bonus Questions.
    1. i was about 10 yrs old when i first heard of it (im pretty sure it was through a movie- haha ) – didnt think much of it.. began to read about other religions too., just to broaden my horizons.. at first i did it for the fact of learning., but soon came to realize that there more to the world. was in search of that ‘higher purpose./spirituality. i was later introduced (by my mom) to a high preistess who was wiccan. at about 12., she was such an amazing woman.
    (although i found out about it at a young age, i didnt start practising until well after the age of 17 – and even then i wasn’t doing serious practises or rituals)

    2. Many things… life in general really. ( i went through a lot at a young age and learned many things) In the end it just felt right.

    3. I would say seriously practising.. about 5 years. (but i’ve been studying and learning for over more than 10 years)

    I’ve never been happier, I’m glad she called. )O(

  5. I was a Christian before I became a Pagan (I don’t classify myself as a Wiccan, but it’s close enough)

    I was 27 when I first heard about Wicca and Paganism
    I decided to become a Pagan at my first Full Moon ritual. It was simple, beautiful, and introduced me to something I had never felt in my life before – the concept of Female Divinity.
    I have been a Pagan since then, which was 15 years ago.


  6. Born a close-minded (non-Baptized) Christian.
    Became agnostic.
    Was “Saved.”
    Agnostic again.
    Am now a happy, open-minded Wiccan. πŸ™‚

    Blessed Be.

    BQs –
    “1. How old were you when you found out about Wicca?” – I believe I was somewhere around ten or eleven.

    “2.What made you decide to become a Wiccan?” – My mind was frail and weak as a Christian and felt more empowered and comfortable as a Wiccan. Also, there isn’t really anything for me to fear as a Wiccan.

    “3. How long have you been practicing the Wiccan Ways?” – I’m assuming six or seven years now. Still happily studying. πŸ™‚

  7. Protestant Christian (United Church of Canada): my family was very, very secular, however, so I was never terribly involved aside from the odd youth group meeting.


    1. I was twelve and I found it all the wrong ways, as a lot of people do. The book series SWEEP was a pretty big influence as was the show Charmed. Before that I’d known about witches, read historical accounts of witchcraft, low/popular/folk magic, etc… Then there was the Mists of Avalon… I was definitely convinced of all the Old Religion crap for a few years there before I found Wicca for the Rest of Us at age 14 – that site has been powering my bull**** detector for over 5 years now. In the last few years I’ve explored other religions (for a second opinion, basically) but it always come back to Wicca.

    2. Simply put, what made me decide to become a Wiccan is that it makes more sense. The morals, ethics and the huge emphasis on personal responsibility are much more appealing to me than the “do something bad and burn forever” mentality of Christianity (granted, my church was lovely, down to earth and very accepting). Then there’s the draw. The aesthetics, the ritual and the mythology make me feel something that I don’t feel at Christian services or when I read about other religions.

    3. I can’t say that I’ve been actively practising. I tried to talk to my mom about it when I was younger and she was not amused. She was more worried than angry, but it was still tense so I’ve been picking up books and browsing the web for a few years. Recently I’ve become much more serious about it but I’m a history student and a perfectionist so I’m a book-learning sort of person. I doubt I’ll be approaching ritual for a few more months and I certainly won’t be dedicating for a very, very long time.

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