Thailand Bans Dowsing Rod ‘Bomb Detector’ – but it’s STILL being sold

Newsnight BBC2 Tuesday February 16th 2009 The Thai Government has banned the use of the GT200 dowsing rod ‘bomb detector’ after discovering that it doesn’t work. The original Newsnight report on AtheistMediaBlog BBC News CNN James Randi on the ADE651 / Quadro Tracker and James McCormick Wikipedia – The GT200 Thai Controversy Thai News/Blogs on fake bomb detectors: ,,,,,,,,

11 thoughts on “Thailand Bans Dowsing Rod ‘Bomb Detector’ – but it’s STILL being sold

  1. $20 million dollars?!?!! And they didn’t think about asking professional advice or even testing it, before buying $20 million worth? But that isn’t the worst part.

    Scam artists are potentially causing people to DIE. If they ever find out, that this dowsing rod has caused people to die, the inventors should be charged with accessory to murder.

  2. This is hilarious. If you read the formal description of the devices mechanism, It basicly says the cardboard insert is magneticly attracted only to specific molecule to which the cardboard is tailored. 85m of sales to iraq, 20m to thailand. 30, 000 a piece. Why do people who have never read a textbook control these amounts of money?

  3. damn and i thought we americans were pretty critical of our own government but the british are pretty harsh against themselves too, and im not hating, i love the u.k.

  4. Sadly, I am not surprised. An extremely high number of people in the USA believe in astrology and the ability for tarot readers to see into the future.

  5. F* scammers who made this must be made example, by putting them behind bars. And morons/greedy b******s who helped the deal to pass need to be dealt some way too.

  6. The credulity makes the mind boggle, doesn’t it, TV? This is just the kind of danger that woolly thinking leaves people wide open to. Thanks for posting!

  7. The funny thing is Mr Abhisit himself came out and said the device is actually useful, that of cause, before it was being test.

  8. Has someone done a possible tally count on how many lives this device may have lost due to funds being diverted from buying useful equipment to useless junk as that dowsing stick?

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