Anyone ever been in or used a Psychomanteum (Mirror Gazing)?

These are from ancient Greece, rooms for gazing at the dead. In that day, it was a room where people would stare into reflective surfaces such as oil or water.

Today, it is a room you can build with mirrors (the darker, the better). It’s suppose to be done at twilight or sunset, with the person in a comfortable nearly mediative state. A low light source like a red light or candle with a little smoke is the conditions to make it work. Some say it brings back memories, others say it’s your long lost relatives.

I am curious if anyone has ever tried this?

3 thoughts on “Anyone ever been in or used a Psychomanteum (Mirror Gazing)?

  1. I have.
    i saw wars and death and…My deamon side.
    every one has a good and bad side.
    it shows in cartoons on your showlder.

  2. Yes. Divination is a personal experience for most who are into it. Try making a black mirror. You don’t have to have a whole room. Moonwater in a bowl with ink in it for a reflective surface works works also.

  3. Yes, I use this quite often only not to the extreem you stated…although it would be
    I use a black mirror but I would imagine a whole room would be quite interesting. Perhaps some day when I have the money and space.

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