14 – Islam’s position on Magic and Astrology – Fundamentals of Faith – Yasir Qadhi

Ustadh Yasir Qadhi continues his discussion on various aspects which go against ones “Ubudiyya – worship of Allah”. In this episode he explains Islam’s position on Magic and Astrology. “…Knowledge is the discerning proof of what is right and what is wrong, and it is the positive force that will help you surmount the trials of comfort, as well as those of hardships. Knowledge is your most powerful sword against your enemy, and finally, it is your most dignifying raiment in the company of your close companions.” — Mu’aadh ibn Jabal, radi’ Allaahu ‘anhu Before a student of knowledge masters the complexities of Arabic grammar, the intricacies of fiqh, or the details of hadeeth criticism, he or she must have firm knowledge and belief in the fundamentals of our deen. Our ‘aqeedah is the pillar by which our deen stands firm, the fertile land from which all of our actions blossom, and it is the foundation from which all other Islamic sciences grow. ‘Aqeedah is linguistically derived from the term ‘aqadah’ – a verb which means “to hold fast to” or “to establish”. According to our scholars, ‘aqeedah is the firm creed and beliefs that one’s heart is fixed upon without any wavering or doubt. Are we certain about these beliefs to which our hearts should be tied? How well do we know the fundamental tenets of Islam, relating to our eman in Allah (swt), in the prophets, the books, the angels, the Last day and Qadr [fate]? Imam Abu Haneefah, rahimahullah, called his work on ‘aqeedah

25 thoughts on “14 – Islam’s position on Magic and Astrology – Fundamentals of Faith – Yasir Qadhi

  1. @kaliyuta Repent to Allah sincerily and ask for forgiveness and do not go back to it.

  2. @khalifahklothing I want to know if I have had someone read my card and Turkish coffee before not using it for bad not knowingly,what will happen to me now?

  3. @dinyar65 astrology is a form of magic.. because you are manipulating people to do things, by threating them, and you tell people what their souls and what will happen or happened to them…. so astrology is evil it is the work of satan.

  4. @shamoono Brother you are confusing astrology with astronomy. An astronomy is the scientific study of movements of planets, that is not shirk. Astrology however claims that the placement of the planets effects us as humans beings and that they can tell us how exactly these will affect us. That is blasphemy as only Allah knows the future and what will happen to us. I hope this has cleared up your question. Peace be with you

  5. @244681 No, weather forecasting is not similiar to it.

    And yes, reading the horoscope is haram.

  6. @khalifahklothing Does weather forecasting come under the heading of astrology or claiming to know the unseen?
    and i heard that also reading about astrology or zodiacal signs are not permissble. so does that mean that when i read about zodiacal signs in wikipedia and about the twelve signs, my prayers will now not be accepted for 40 days? please clarify brother.

  7. @dinyar65 Astrology, unlike astronomy, is not a scientific study and has been much criticized by scientists.

  8. @Shamoono I also accept that asking Jin or performing some kind of Magic is not acceptable. But Magic is totally different from Astrology. There is no magic in Astrology. Study of Astrology is a scientific study of the movements of Planets. Prediction is also totally based on the placement of stars in one’s chart. Allah has given us intelligence and whatever honest and truthful decisions we take using that God given intelligence is not prohibited. @Khalifahklothing’s interpretation is wrong.

  9. @shamoono They don’t consciously know of this, but if you ask them they’ll tell you that they are ‘inspired’ by the heavenly ‘gods’ or ‘spirits’ who unravel the future in front of them and then they will judge it and tell you according to their experiences.

  10. @shamoono it is shirk coze what ever they see or tell is all lie and nothing is true in that and bu chance of 1 in 100 ml any thing of whatever they said come’s true by ALLAH wish and u know people of this time they will start worhsiping him that he knows every thing and truth is that he knows nothing even not about his own morning or evening will he b alive or dead.. this is why its shirk not to misguide people.. JAZAK ALLAH KHAIR

  11. @khalifahklothing if you think about it like that, THEN wouldn’t it mean scientist who predict movement of stars to predict their future such as: Where the stars or far away planets will be located after a period of time. They are predicting the future of the stars and the cosmos using equations. Wouldn’t that be shirk? help me out here i still don’t get your ideology. p.s. i’m a muslim 😀

  12. @shamoono Because astrologists claim to predict the future and the unseen by reading those movements. ONLY ALLAH knows the unseen.

  13. I need an answe: How is astrology magic/shirk if astrology is based on the movement of planets orbiting the sun and has nothing to the with asking Jin. Are you serious? So all astrologers are magicians who summon jin without their own knowledge. I dont get this.

  14. Nice informative video that only expresses the truth and nothing else. Free from politics, hatred, and biased opinions. Thanks for this show and uploading the video.

  15. THIS was a GREAT video! Shukran, Jazak Allah Gair.

    Yesterday in a Mosque, someone was an excorsist, he said in the mosque “I am Shaytaan” in Arabic… The Scholar who was giving a lecture drove the satan out of him.. strange things, since then, i want to know everything about this subject..

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