What is the priciple behind dowsing (divine) rods, waterwitching,planchette and pendulums?

I’ve tried dowsing rods to get answers to questions of love. How does it work? I’ve also tried pendulums for getting answers but I think it’s my own ideomotor response. I can get any answer of my choice. WHAT IS THE PRINCIPLE BEHIND THE WORKING OF DOWSING RODS? WHAT IS THE NATURE AND ORIGIN OF THE FORCE WHICH CAUSES A DOWSING/DIVINE ROD TO MOVE? What do YOU think?

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  1. I am not sure this will answer your question, but I briefly read about dowsing in The Feng Shui companion by George Birdsall. It has to do with the force of energy that the water uses when it is running and in which direction the energy is going. I have tried many of the concepts I found in the book listed above, and although it won’t give you a magic answer, It really has seemed to work. There really is something about energy and how it flows in your life. I would recommend reading the book to anyone.

  2. As a person who’s gone through a rigorous science education, and I think for the scientific community at large, when I say that I believe there is no principle behind rods or pendulums – In fact, I did read somewhere that diving rods were tested, diviners hired to try and find water tables that scientests had discovered with other means, and the success rate was very low, not much different then trying to find the water at random.

    I guess there’s a perception that these things work if you make a prediction/guess as to where water is, and it turns out to be right, you’ll believe there’s something to it.

    You can read the Wikipedia article on divination:

    and I just found the article I remember reading that disputes divining rods (second link):

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