Abdominal Migraines and Migraine Auras

Sometimes abdominal symptoms show up, without other typical symptoms of migraine. When they did, the patient is said to have abdominal migraine. Migraine pain is pain, usually varying from mild to medium, in the abdomen. The pain is either along the midline or unspecified and often accompanied by abdominal tenderness, cramp-like spasms, bloating, vomiting and loss of appetite.
Because abdominal pain may be due to different conditions, other causes must be excluded before the diagnosis can be made. In a classic abdominal migraine, there is no reason for the stomach pain to be identified. Migraineurs need to let their doctors know about their migraines when they occur abdominal pain, unspecified so that the doctor knows abdominal migraine may be an option.
Abdominal migraines are the most common in children. Children who experience abdominal migraines often grow up to be migraineurs. Although abdominal migraine is not unheard of in adults is rare. Like most other types of migraine, is also more common in females than in males.
Although the exact cause of the pain of migraines is unknown, it is very likely that the lack of serotonin. Serotonin deficiency has been associated in several studies, migraine, and 90% of the body’s serotonin is produced in the gastric system. Serotonin causes a lack of cascading waves of nerve reaction in the brain, which trigger migraines and a similar process may be in force in the abdomen.

Migraine aura is a specific type of prodrome, or the anticipation that the announcers migraines. This is a symptom or a series of symptoms that had the migraine, people who suffer from chronic headaches, know in advance that a migraine is about to feel alone.
Aura effects will appear for about five minutes and usually occurs after twenty minutes to one hour before the headache. They are a symptom of what used to be called”classic migraine “. Recently, doctors have moved to more scientifically accurate term migraine-with-aura. Only about 15-20% of people with migraine consistently experience any aura as head starts hurting.
Aura Effects
Most of the migraine aura is visual. The aura is so positive visual sensations, rather than because their vision is fading and darkness, people who are experiencing sees things. Examples include:
-Halo or aura: Nimbus of light and mist surrounding objects, especially lamps
Or floating-Flashing Lights: color or white (rarely dark) spots, which move
-Flash: jagged or zigzag line, which is shiny and / or arcs through the field, the frequency and severity increases, while one can already see (Whiteout), this effect usually stops with the onset of headache pain.
-Photophobia: extreme sensitivity to light, in this sense is often lasts for the duration of headaches
Most aura last less than an hour. Migraine sufferers who experience aura, lasting more than an hour, are said to suffer from migraine with prolonged aura. In some cases there may be migraineur effects aura without headache developing, but is still regarded as a symptom of chronic migraines. In different times the same person can go through all three variants, migraine with aura, migraine with prolonged aura, or typical aura without headache.

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