Avatar Horoscope

An old video I decided to upload. Anime – Avatar: The Last Airbender Artist – Weird Al Yankovic Song – Thats Your Horoscope For Today I do not own Avatar: The Last Airbender or the song, this is a purely fanmade for viewing purposes only. Copyrights go to their rightful owners, no infringement is intended.

25 thoughts on “Avatar Horoscope

  1. YAY and no! Yay cause I’m zuko and zuko is sexy and no cause zuko’s life is f**ked up!

  2. im sokka. woohoo! i get to kiss the moon spirit go out with suki and i could totally score with ty lee. life is good.

  3. I’m Aang? I don’t wanna save the world!
    at least I get a flying Bison. Yip Yip Appa

  4. Whack a mole is addicting (if i lived near a place that had whack-a-mole). Oh well.

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