Effectively Treat Acne with Natural Medicine by Dr. Schenck, ND Naturopathic Doctor

See www.thenaturalguide.com – Naturopathic Doctor Margaret Schenck – www.margaretschencknd.com – explains how Naturopathic Medicine is able to reverse Acne. Produced by Larry Cook. Distributed by Tubemogul.

17 thoughts on “Effectively Treat Acne with Natural Medicine by Dr. Schenck, ND Naturopathic Doctor

  1. Use my friend’s all natural microdermabrasion product. It’s an at-home treatment. And it works extremely well (when you follow the directions). Google “microdermx”

  2. You can still apply the principles: eat all organic food, no processed foods, no sugar, less meat, and clean the skin with witch hazel every day. The zits will slowly disappear.

  3. yay!! a dr is actually adressing the problem, rather than shoving druga on you. great vid.!!

  4. These videos rock! There’s so little such information on mainstream media that it’s so hard to make an informed decision. For most(like me) it’s just acutane. I’m so glad that I was lazy and didn’t take them or it would have caused more harm than good. Thank you so much for these videos.

    PS: Btw, what can you do about pitted scars and scarred pores left behind by acne?

  5. You just made my week MissSarah…thank you for the comment…I’ve put a lot of effort into making these ND videos and also writing my book. Good luck—You can do it! 🙂

  6. I loved this video – I have been suffering with acne since the age of twelve, (12 years) and I am hoping my brand new vegan diet will help! I just ordered your book yesterday and thank you so much for all of the information you provide!

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