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  1. Have made a elderberry liter, in an old jar with a clip on top very nice.. last year.. I also put a cinnomon stick in it.. great to wort off flu and several other things.. Learned from your books. I substitute apple vinager for the vodka.. still works for me.. ty for post

  2. We have lots of elder growing around here and I came across lots of it today while I was out gathering some pine to make pine tea.

    I want to make some elderberry tinctures for the winter but the strongest vodka that I have come across here [in North Wales] is 38% proof. Is it possible to make tinctures with that or is it too weak?

  3. @anyonefindAMERICA Elderberry grows in many hedgerows and along river banks. In Northern Ireland where I live, it is treated as a weed. It springs up everywhere. Obviously, the climate suits it here.

  4. oh, this video turned out perfect. Monica has good timing. You have a really good show, Susan. You are ideal for the part of ‘wisewoman’. You have this sweet smile. I aspire to be like you. We have a lot on our ranch in the northwest, usa. Thank you for making a record, and ‘showing’ me what to do with them!

  5. you are such a beautiful woman susan, and i thank you so much for sharing your wisdoms with us:) off to buy some vodka as just made my very first elderberry harvest! 🙂

  6. great share, wasn’t aware of the benefits, though have made a couple batches of elderflower’ champagne ‘ this summer ….I totally agree with the asking side of things, makes sense though as my current knowledge I cant talk to the trees but …I’m open to anything and sometimes find myself talking to various areas in my gardens

  7. My house is absolutely surrounded by Elder. I don’t use many berries so I leave them for the doves and pigeons who love them. There are more than I could ever possibly use. I did use a stick from one of the trees and I did ask her permission before I took it. Thanks for the video.

  8. Elederberry is fantastic for fever. It helped me through the H1n1 virus. I want to grow this bush. Any ideas where I could get a couple of these?

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