Is there a quality difference in the spices/herbs at the supermarket versus spices bought in a set?

There are spice/herbs sets you can purchase at Bed Bath Beyond, Target, and other home/kitchen stores that come with a rack and all the spices you need. How are those compared to the spices/herbs at the supermarket, which costs a lot more if you buy individually?

4 thoughts on “Is there a quality difference in the spices/herbs at the supermarket versus spices bought in a set?

  1. with spices fresher the better the ones you get at like a target have been in a ware house and have been shipped all over the place for a long period of time. so they are not as fresh and loose alot of there qualities. Fresher is better is the key.

  2. The problem is that most spices in supermarkets are just as mass produced and sit on shelves for almost as long as those at BB&B, Target, etc., in sets or not. I think your best bet if you really want the best spices are Whole Foods or other Co-op type grocery stores, where the batches of spices kept are smaller and fresher. The other choice is, if you have one in your town, go to a spice store or find a speciatly shop in your area that sells bulk spices. They are the most knowledgeable about storing the spices to maintain freshness before selling them. I was also pleasantly surprised to discover that the prices for bulk spices are no more than buying McCormick or other brands in stores.

  3. The difference is that spices in a set have probably been sitting around for quite a while. The spices in the supermarket though not the best are at least fresher because of greater turn around. Spice hunter is a good brand. McCormick is good. Stay away from off brands. When at all possible use fresh herbs. Buy your black pepper whole and grind it fresh as need. Pre-ground black pepper has no flavor just heat. Keep all your spices in a cool dark place tightly sealed. The enemy of your spices is light and air. Oh while I’m at it forget all the salts like garlic salt, celery salt. Look at the difference in price between plain salt and flavored salts. That is basically what you are buying. If you are using things like dried garlic or onion make sure you have enough liquid in your recipe to rehydrate the ingredients. Want more E-Mail me

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