what type of worship/spirituality do you have the most respect for?

i have the most respect for many native american tribes as far as worship/spirituality goes. many of them worshiped the earth. and i have a respect for their feeling of sacredness towards the earth, because it is what all of us come from and need to survive. they had a respect for the earth that many other cultures failed to obtain that we could make use of even today.

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  1. Any religion that does not support the state (government) is good by me.

    As soon as governments start to use a religion to promote war, torture and death, its a religion perverted beyond all recognition to the point of becoming evil.

  2. I’d agree with you there on Native American traditions.

    I honestly have a lot of respect for anyone who don’t try to push their belief’s on others, which is why I hate mormons.

  3. Pagans for their openness and tolerance of different religions, beliefs and opinions. (some are jerks though, but then again EVERY group of people has jerk store open somewhere)

  4. All of them, by virtue of the fact that I respect everyone’s right to think for himself and to make his own choices, spiritual or not. Whether or not I agree, I respect your right to hold your own opinions.

  5. none. its hard to respect something when you find it ridiculous. that does not imply that i disrespect the person, just their beliefs.

    what type of goblins do you respect the most? snotlins? traditional D&D goblins, or the lords of the rings kind?

  6. I respect those who are openly agnostic..
    no not atheist, but to label any religion as the best, or any god worship as the best is both arrogance and ignorance.
    The truest of all truth is every mankind knows nothing,
    only mind made experiences is what creates our own miracles through belief.
    (however most worship I believe is from the same source, and for the same purpose.)

  7. MGD, Sierra Nevada, and Pacifico. Just kidding – although ancient agriculture was driven by the need for crops to create alcohol and herbal hallucinogens.

  8. If you are talking over all the spiritual outlooks, which do i have the most respect for, i would have to say those which do not practice worship of a higher power/god, those which practice worship within ourselves i believe to have the best impact on the world, and i respect that.

  9. I am with you on Native Americans..there is not any type of imposing, is peaceful, serves only to needs of tribes, protects nature..i just have practically repeated what you wrote

  10. I have zero respect for any religion on this planet. They were/are designed for wealth or power over others or both, usually.

    I respect people’s right to believe in gods or spirits if they so choose as long as they don’t try to force those beliefs onto others..

    In terms of worship by developing/traditional nations or people or tribes, I think it’s sometimes concerning because it’s often coupled with barbaric/unacceptable rituals such as male or female mutilation/circumcision, black magic rites involving animals or people, etc. I don’t have respect for any belief or spirituality that takes away from anyone’s human rights. There are some nasty traditional African beliefs in using the limbs of young children as part of spirituality/worship/healing.

    Respect for others and nature and the land/earth should be a basic requirement for anyone’s existence on this planet.

  11. I have the most respect for those members of any faith who show their devotion to their god(s) by their acts of charity and kindness, and who keep their mouths firmly and humbly shut on the subject of their own piety. Show me the acts, and keep the words to a minimum; that’s what I respect in a believer.

  12. For one thing we DON’T worship the earth. We do hold Mother Earth in the greatest respect, but we worship the one God, or Creator or Elohim, or Allah or what ever you choose to call him…There is only one “God”. And I think we were and still are closer to him that most so called Christians. We live our Spirituality daily, we don’t do anything without it.

  13. I am a christian and I defer to the book of James where it says religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world.

    I adhere to the belief that worship and spirituality are much more than just what you believe or what you talk about, it’s the results of your actions that are true religion.

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