Why are people against astrology when it actually helps people discover themselves?

For example, I used to be really insecure and my personality made no sense at all, but after figuring out my astrology, my whole life makes sense [my signs are Aquarius, Pisces moon, Leo rising, Mercury in pisces retro ].
Even though there’s no “scientific” proof, don’t you think astrology is easier to believe than religion?

12 thoughts on “Why are people against astrology when it actually helps people discover themselves?

  1. You’re totally right. The $19.95 I spent on the phone with Cleo really turned my life around.

  2. Because some people take astrology too seriously and forget about free-will while others used astrology as a way to stereotype people.

  3. I agree with you but also I think there is something really BIG behind that astrology stuff…

  4. ppl can be rude and judgemental
    and every on has different views, but it does actually help people
    its kinda like a form of therapy lol

    the only bad thing tho is that all my signs are terrible xD
    i have cancer sun leo moon and scorpio rising and cancer mercury
    i have like no air in my chart xD

  5. Probably because they dont understand it…
    I myself know I was born a sagittarius, and starsigns are about the only thing I know about astrology. From the outside it seems to be quite a lot of guesswork and superstition, so most people are sceptical because of that.

  6. Hi;

    yeah I agree to what you’re saying….actually people don’t easily believe things…many of us have grown into suspicion, given the way life is moving around us all….

    well the same goes true for me too…BTW i am capri,,,and after dwelving into the interiors of horsocope. i came to know about something..

    “No matter, how mild or strong the influence may be, capricorns always get into astral planes. as they simply wanna know where they are heading too…”

    I m a firm believer about whtz written…well it’s all basics….One guru around two year back made my birth chart and predictions. you won’t believe, i met with 3 accidents in a row from 2007 to 2009 in the month of may-june. each year fractured myself severely.

    amazingly, after curiously going thru’ my chart, i found the predictions for accidents precisely written with year & probable months…it was written well before it all happened, that was the moment of reckoning…although no way i could have averted the events, yet knowing something in advance helps you out somehow…LOL…i read it all after the 3rd accident…

    perhaps just like me, people need the revelations made available to them with facts & convictions, i doubt if someone can still ignore horoscope after that?

    the point you said about living upto your traits…is all correct…I too developed my CAPRI way of life…

    perhaps these signs has been made available for us to lead our true side…the personality & how to carry our supposed +ve energies all across universe…..and indeed to contain the -ve ones…

    well many people are not yet ready to have revelations…once they seek, only they will come to know about the validity of this astral science…these things might remain hidden in their persona without being awakened..

    Just like age old chinese proverb..”When the student is ready……the teacher appears”.

    Hope you live upto the Aquarian way of life…..All the best Buddy

    Amit…I m a capri

  7. I guess it’s because soo people take it way too far and people who don’t believe in astrology don’t understand it properly. I believe in it, it’s help me understand myself better but there’s a large amount of free will too.

  8. i am on your side and you know what is wierd everyone i speak to acually believes astrology and i didnt become friends with them because of that in fact i barely found out this ear that so many of my frieds actually believe in it but not as much as i do hehe l0l but yea thats how it is and you know if people dont believe in it thats on them cause everyone cant love and believe in everything actuallly i dont think anyone isable to like everything and astrology is just one thing for them so i let them continue on disliking astrology but dont get me wrong i do try to convice them and to some people it works but others just wont budge but oh well thats just who they are.
    I am Aquarius sun
    Aries moon
    Sagittarius rising
    Capricorn Mercury
    Pisces venus
    Aquarius mars
    Capricorn jupiter
    Pisces saturn
    Aquarius uranus
    Capricorn neptune
    Sagittarius pluto
    🙂 I love my Birth Chart(“

  9. It’s literally as most ppl on this list say it. Free will. Thats all.Most ppl do take it to seriously and something thats supposed to be fun and/or for discussion ppl r slowly turning to racsim and it’s almost a cult thing, ppl wont be around other ppl of the same sign as their enemies. completely forgetting that every1 is different in some way and to give them the benifit of the doubt that they COULD be different. Which also limits you in other ways like letting astrology TELL YOU who u can not be around, instead of YOU makeing that discion for yourself. Belief clashing with Free-will thats all it is, ppl prefer free will to blind belief.thats what I’ve seen in ppl and my best friends, which include, taurus,scorpio,and cancer, we’re freinds…..because we wanna be.

    sagittarius sun, scorp-rising/venus

  10. The readings obtained from astrology, numerology and palmistry do not determine our futures unless we allow them (stars, numbers and lines) to. If we do nothing about it and just sit by lazily and wait for fortune and disaster to come to us, they probably will in acccordance with the stars. But we can change our destinies by using the stars to guide us, if you know what I mean. Man’s destiny is in his own hands not in some astrological chart.

  11. Lol u say that as if it’s the only or best way to learn anything about yourself. It also doesn’t accurately describe every person, if it did my weekly horoscope would be the same in every magazine paper and astrology email I read right?

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