20 thoughts on “herbs in small spaces

  1. @luckymirai if you can wait a couple of months you can buy my book “the produce garden”, lol

  2. @chabb05 pick as many off as you can or try my organic pesticide, the vid is on here

  3. thanks for sharing your knowledge. I really don’t know anything about gardeing but I’m trying my hands on it and just started last week. I have parsley,basil,lemon balm,peppermint and apple mint in my little garden right now. I am searching for videos on how to grow,harvest and use them 🙂 I hope I can find more about herbs in your videos or if you have any book recommendations. Thanks again mate.

  4. I have a herb garden and i have a catapillar problem they keep on eating my herbs they are the small green ones how can i get rid of them

  5. I love how when you talk about the different plants you pet them like they’re animals… its cute 🙂 Very informative video. I’m starting a herb garden this spring so this was very helpful. Thank you.

  6. well, you’re welcome :). I really enjoy your videos. Im starting on an herb garden right now and learning alot from your vids. Keep up the good work 🙂

  7. my lemon balm took over a 2 foot pot in a year. i love pineapple sage, i have a giant bush.

  8. It’s nice to see some new growth after your ‘possum attack’!! Looks nice and healthy too.

  9. i have 3 sge plants that i need to plant out. but i don’t know what dishes to use it in. Any suggestions?

  10. I have so many weeds. Soon i will have so much weed tea and the tables shall turn.

    I am about to grow sage and thyme so this is a good vid

  11. I adore the taste of herbs to the point where I have fresh chopped up herbs on bread with butter and that is all. Everything tastes better with herbs

  12. Oh I love lemon thyme so much! We had a carpet of it as well but it mysteriously died. Try it with whole baked fish and a bit of olive oil, thats the way I like it 🙂 Even better do the environment a favour and eat it with redfin.

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