Understanding I Ching or the Book of Changes?

I started reading the book of changes and its somewhat over my head. IS there any other reading material I can read before going in to this book, or hell any helpful hint?

3 thoughts on “Understanding I Ching or the Book of Changes?

  1. pls strengthen your chi first..altering surroundings with a weak and unstable chi might cause you more harm than good… rem you r the entity that make changes and not the entities change you.. IChing jus further strengthen your chi provided it coincides with your element.

    back to the question, read up on chinese elements and how it affects your own. your understanding is limited to wat you believe in……

  2. Check out this blog http://www.onlineclarity.co.uk/answers/2005/08/21/the-i-ching-simplified-a-rant/

    It has some good recommendations for beginners versions along with good points about the I Ching as an oracle.

    If you are reading it as more than an oracle, as a spiritual educational… I would suggest starting elsewhere. It is like trying to studying the deeper levels of the cabala without previous foundations of knowledge gained through years of study.

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