Water Witching (Dowsing)

By Bill Haag Water Witching (Dowsing) More recently, a study[11] was undertaken in Kassel, Germany, under the direction of the Gesellschaft zur Wissenschaftlichen Untersuchung von Parawissenschaften (GWUP) [Society for the Scientific Investigation of the Parasciences]. The three-day test of some 30 dowsers involved plastic pipes through which a large flow of water could be controlled and directed. The pipes were buried 50 centimeters under a level field. On the surface, the position of each pipe was marked with a colored stripe, so all the dowsers had to do was tell whether there was water running through the pipe. All the dowsers signed a statement agreeing this was a fair test of their abilities and that they expected a 100 percent success rate. However, the results were no better than what would have been expected by chance. en.wikipedia.org

17 thoughts on “Water Witching (Dowsing)

  1. WITCHCRAFT is not only for evil there is good witch and bad one.If water is life how can it be evil?

  2. do I have to actually say it? wow.. I am stunned.. I really do have to say it.. come on people… Dowsing and religion are both nonsense. I can’t believe I had to actually say it..

  3. this person needs to be flagged-for the simple reason :he is spreading hate,fear and discrimination to those who do dowse.
    he is using superstition to make you believe these people are evil.
    it is my guess that bereanbeacon encourages such thought.

    what an asshole!!!!!

  4. anyone saying Edgar Cayce was posessed or channeling negative entities or implying that he was involved with the darkside of anything is ignorant and a fear monger…

  5. Have you heard of Snipe hunting? Witching is a plumber’s snipe joke on the apprentice. The plumber acts like he uses the rod to find an underground water pipe. He actually knows where it is by the indention on the ground from the original ditch. He then gets the apprentice to try it unsuccessfully several times and redicules him for not having the “touch”. All the master plumbers get a big laugh afterwards on the stupidity of the student for believing such nonsense.

  6. also, if one used an expensive metal detector, to find silver and gold, would that be a dowser?

  7. Before there were power locaters to find buried utilizes in the ground, dowsing was use for finding water and sewer pipes in streets. As long as there were water flowing in the pipes the dowser could find it. I live on well water. People who need to drill for water know how important and accurate dowsing is. Just because we dont under stand the science of how something works dose not mean it is satanic.

  8. And I have a lot of problems with people like you who make mere claims and insults and can’t back themselves up with evidence. Shut up if you have no evidence stupid.

  9. this is stupid. water dowsing is not from satan. I have alot of probems with this video.

  10. Unless Mr. Haag has received a prophetic word, he cannot present information outside of the authority of scripture as fact and remain credible. The source of the information should be referenced so the authority of the information can be properly weighed.

  11. These fake preachers can say anything and then dupe the people like he has any real authority. this guy is into power. there is no authority except Christ consciousness within that can speak without imposing on me this fake preacher’s manipulative desire and sin. Gimme a break…

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