What is the proper way to dispose of tarot cards?

My tarot deck was ruined by some water damage. They are totally destroyed. What is the best way to dispose of them. Could I bring them to my local shop and (partially) trade them? I don’t want to actually physically throw them in the trash, but they have more or less disintegrated and are totally useless. What should I do??

14 thoughts on “What is the proper way to dispose of tarot cards?

  1. Trash can.
    Why would you have to do anything special? It’s just cardstock.
    I guess if you’re really environmentally conscious, you could recycle them.

  2. There is no proper way and these things of evil deserve no proper burial . Just throw them away or burn them. There not to be respected or revered. I take that back. You probably should burn them so no one else ignorant gets their hands on them.

  3. Just like a Bible, it might be kind of rough at first but it should be used as toilet paper.

  4. >>What should I do??<< First you need to send me all your money wrapped around the tarot deck and I will dispose of it in the approved way. Second and much more important, you should get to work on obtaining your GED.

  5. Throw them in the trash.
    Or do you put those cards in some high religious belief?
    If so than ask the cards.

  6. You can dispose of them however you see fit. They are pieces of card stock with no power, the power comes from within yourself. Tarot cards are a tool and nothing else, an Axe can not chop wood by itself, but if someone used it to chop wood, it really would be the person chopping the wood, not the Axe. So to get back to your question, you can do whatever feels right. If simply throwing them in the trash doesn’t feel right, maybe you could bury them, or even burn them.

    Blessings, Mia.

  7. Burn them with sage to cleanse there energy with a prayer letting them know you appreciated their wise coucil I recogmend you wrap them in either white silk or white satin.

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