William McGonagall “Robert Burns” Poem Animation

Heres a virtual movie of the Scots poet William Mcgonagall reading his tribute to the great Robert Burns “Robert Burns” William Topaz McGonagall was born of rather poor Irish parents in Edinburgh, Scotland, in March 1825. In his nearly unreadable, rambling biographical notes1, one eventually learns that he sprang from a family of five children and that he worked with his father as a handloom weaver. His education appears to have been patchy, but, in his own words, ‘William has been like the immortal Shakespeare he had learned more from nature than he ever learned at school’. The family settled in Dundee while William was still a boy, and he lived there for the rest of his life. He died in 1902. As a grown man, he continued to work in the family trade, and married one Jean King in 1846. At about this time he also began to participate in amateur theatrics, acting in Shakespearean drama at the Dundee theatre. The Muse of Poetry appears to have captured his imagination, if not his talent, in the 1870s, beginning with a paean to a new railway bridge over the Tay River at Dundee in 1877. By McGonagall’s own account, the poem was ‘… received with eclat and [he] was pronounced by the Press the Poet Laureate of the Tay Bridge…’. And after that he never stopped. His first collection of Poetic Gems was published in 1878, and he published several more Collected Gems during his lifetime as well as many broadsheets. He also toured Scotland, England, and New York in the United

5 thoughts on “William McGonagall “Robert Burns” Poem Animation

  1. There’ll be a time, and may it come soon, when this man will be revered as the Bard of all Bards. Thank you Peter Sellers, wherever you are, for bringing this man’s amazing poetry to my attention. The Goons were ever leaders in recognizing true genius and it’s a tragedy that Mr. McGonagall was born too early to be matched with the wit of Sellers, Milligan and Secombe.

  2. Yes ,but a lot of it was down to the rough sort of audiences he had to contend with on his home ground probably of low education and drunk in pubs and bars., but as darkmarkrammstein says he was in fact a brilliant poet who unusualy came from working class stock,and mostly wrote poems about real events.
    I love his poems,and he became very popular during his lifetime.
    Kind Regards
    Jim Clark

  3. he was a genius. wtf are you talking about.
    how dare you say that.
    you make me angry

  4. This man is renowed for being the worst poet in the English language. Although compared to many modern poets, he is fantastic.

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