Advanced Reflexology Foot Demonstration Video

Discover a new Advanced Reflexology “Sliding Technique” for Working the Feet, Hands and Ears that is closely related to Massage. This Technique is Much Gentler on the Practitioner’s Thumbs & Fingers, Yet at the same time, Deeply Works the Reflex Areas giving Powerful Results. Visit to purchase DVD or for course information

25 thoughts on “Advanced Reflexology Foot Demonstration Video

  1. I was wondering if someone had their legs amputated would the thousands of nerves that are on the feet be on the bottom of the stubs of their legs?

  2. I think more people are willing to pay for this because it feels good and relaxing, not because they believe it has some actual medicinal relevance.

  3. I need to get into this alternative medicine crap. People are so stupid, you tell them it releases stress, gets rid of the toxins, you name it. Charge $60/hour. Good scam, great income. Keep it coming, I feel inspired

  4. You DEF! did not ‘developed’ this technique. They taught us this iin Massage School.. Nice try buddy

  5. THIS REALLY WORKS!! I did this yesterday and i wished for an iPod and I GOT IT!!!
    It was the best day of my life…
    If you dont trust me you will miss out on this offer…

    FIRST put both hands on your chest

    SECOND think of something you want

    THIRD tomorrow you will get a surprise with the thing your wished for.

    FOURTH heres the catch write this to five videos

  6. Lol a lot of people have used this technique while doing a foot massage, it’s definitely not a new thing that you invented. Doing small circles on actual pressure points works a lot better!

  7. Way to go. You invented . . . massaging with your thumb. You should rush out for the patent!

  8. i miss this, in cebu i used to have it 2 times a week, it is painful but very relaxing, i like the pain then comes the lightness

  9. Looks relaxing. I have been a reflexologist for years and it is good to use different techniques. Our intent is the key, what do you want to achieve from the session, clinical results, relaxation? If you can relax the client, it offers the opportunity to release and let go of unwanted energies. I would give this guy my foot. Blessings, Helen Jeanne

  10. hello vincerocksmysocks, oh, dear…I’m amazed that you ask??? Style? My own doubts? I also think that he creates a new reflexMethod that in the long run asks more questions? Peace?

  11. ….why do you have question marks at the end of sentances in which you aren’t asking questions?

  12. who is he to invent a new technique? also one thing is a foot massage and the other is working on the meridians of the feet? I have been using reflex. for years and it is about points for specific problems or causes? Stretching and rotation of foot is forgotten here? the toes are so important in reflex…not here? good luck guy, please be a little kinder to the universe!

  13. There are many reasons why as a reflexologist i find this technique a little odd …. firstly … he is repeatedly going over and over the kidney and uretra point – lets hope the client doesn’t have kidney stones as he would be encouraging the stones back up to the kidney – – also you can adopt many different techniques to save pressure on the thumbs arches in the arm relieve pressure as does using other joints to administer the treatment.

  14. This is a video demonstration, a teaching tool. I suppose that he could demonstrate a clinical version of interaction with a client. But we wouldn’t actually hear him say much at all, and I think that would sort of defeat the purpose of the videos intent.

  15. This technique appears to be a modified version of “standard” techniques. It just allows greater “feeling” for the practitioner and also helps prevent sorness in the practitioners thumb. The same principles are used, just a different angle of the thumb and also more connection to the foot. I am sure he would not make the statement to a real client that he was developing a technique.

  16. so in other words danmoore5000 you want to be lied to and you are telling other people to lie.

  17. Agreed. What would make you feel safer, knowing you’re using techniques developed over thousands of years by traditional methods or using techniques developed by this random guy (which, even if he’s dedicated his whole life to it, couldn’t be any more than four decades worth of work)?

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