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To see Anis Mojgani perform live is an exercise in jaw control. It’s the classic “I laughed, I cried, I was transformed” experience. Imagine the perfect artistic expression of mans timeless struggle to understand God—to make sense of this life. Then watch Anis’ poetry. It’s as if someone came into your dark, sleepy world of self and flung open the heavy velvet curtains to let the blinding light shine in. Anis is one of those rare people who can talk about life in a real, accessible way. No fuss. No frills. No airy-fairy embellishments. Just BOOM! Your humanity, on stage, speaking to you. Even people who think poetry is well, lame, become transfixed by what they witness. So it’s no wonder he has been the World Poetry Slam Champion as well as National Poetry Slam Champion (twice). It’s also no surprise that he had so much to offer when SoulPancake recently asked him some of Life’s Big Questions. On spirituality, God, and (gulp) religion SP: Is spirituality a trend? AM: Sometimes I think it is. Our society is weird: Its a non-secular society that pretends its secular and is filled with a people that want the benefits of religion without recognizing religion as being something beneficial. We have all these things that supply us with what we hunger for—new clothes, tasty food, hot kicks, movies, television, music—but there are aspects of our make-up that dont get fulfilled. Weve created a society where its not even kosher or cool to discuss the emptiness, the unexplainable

21 thoughts on “Anis Mojgani – For Those Who Can Still Ride In Airplanes – Poems / Poetry

  1. he still curses in this though. I just think this more detailed, It flows more

  2. “i drive 60 through residential streets praying to hit a child so they might stay forever an angel”

  3. seeing ains live is life changing you walk out of the building with a new perspective on life his poetry moves mountians

  4. @xclusiv4321 yea the first time i heard this was on def poetry and it was definitely shorter. i think at that time, it was because of time limits, but i still find it amazing how he can find a different rhythm to the poem when lines are added or taken out.

  5. i’ve heard other versions of this poem and i’m wondering why he’s leaving all the swears out. is it cause he’s getting more religious or is it because it’s a teen audience, someone tell me

  6. brilliant quality and i love this poem, awesome stuff! post more if you have them please.

  7. This poem is called “For Those Who Can Still Ride in an Airplane for the First Time”

  8. this man never stops amazing me. his change of pace is flawless and keeps you holding your breath in anticipation of his words.
    this is also one of the higher quality videos of Anis I’ve seen, so if you have more, post them!!

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