25 thoughts on “Learn about Herbs – Rhodiola and Cordyceps

  1. @otacon451 keep experimenting,in the beginning when i had too high a dose i would get weird migraine’s, not as bad as regular migraines.Anyway i have since learned quality is crucial,back then i was using the cheapest rhodiola.These days it’s nearly all good quality.Ecletic institute brand i recommend from iherb.com combined with mrm cordyceps.

  2. @tiatdivad i found it hard to hit a sweet spot on dosing– 10% too high and i got massive anxiety

  3. Hey he is using my fav brand of supplements. NOW which stands for Natural Organic and Wholesome. They have won awards for their business practice.

  4. I like this guy as he has the main supplement brand that I have used for 15 years. Great compnay NOW which stands for Natural Organic and Wholesome. They have won awards for their business practices.

  5. tried to take a cheap shot and get away with it .. but u making it difficult 🙂 ok ok we both need rhodiola . u should be takin no less than 1.5g a day tho . nows rhodiola isnt that good

  6. All the hubbub about neurotransmitters was basically started by big pharma to promote their newfangled ‘anti-depressants’. It’s all a bunch of crap. There is absolutely no way to test neurotransmitters in the brain. I suppose that oxy restores neurotransmitters because it makes people feel good. So does weed. Hey! I know! Smoke a bowl and see how ‘happy’ your neurotransmitters get!

  7. I see it all the time. Makes people look very uneducated and illiterate. Especially the young ones, like you, who will be labeled stupid because you can’t spell once you try to get a ‘real’ job (if you ever even do).

  8. Yeah. All day. Makes me too lazy to spell things out. Maybe I should take Rhodiola.

  9. i think thats called narrative disposition . u knew what i meant . you’ve seen it written like that before im sure . maybe u ( you)havent wouldnt be surprised . i can tell you dont go out much .pop pills at home ?

  10. and not only does it only infect insects, each of the thousand different variations of cordyceps specializes on just one insect. You have nothing to fear.

  11. Makes me a little nervous. In nature cordyceps are a parasitic fungus that spreads by infecting the host and taking over its brain……..

  12. In the health food store it was explained about:
    the effect of the Cortisol – the lowering of it, lowing the stress effects. I have not read of the Cortisol in other information. I am taking it for my blood pressure. So I am mentioning it here.
    – Jessie

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