My church just elected the town Wiccan High Priestess to my church’s board of deacons.What should I do?

Do you think King’s Creek Baptist Church should have Wiccan High Priestess as a Deacon? Will I be able to serve as her pastor? What would Jesus do, for Heaven’s sake?

27 thoughts on “My church just elected the town Wiccan High Priestess to my church’s board of deacons.What should I do?

  1. as a Baptist… you aren’t really christian anyway, welcome the other flavor of pagan into the fold =P

  2. Make it a learning experience and get to know your Wiccan neighbor. I suspect her values are closer to yours than you imagine.

  3. take a deep breath and role with it you might learn more about yourself and the people you long to serve good luck blessed be

  4. Jesus would inform you that Wicca is a discipline, not a religion in the sense of christianity.

  5. The Catholic church is called the Mother of Harlots. Her daughters are the Protestant denominations… so says the Revelation of John the Divine.

    Since 1844 protestants have been tempting God with their jumps from the Temple pinnacle.

    No wander they are electing gay priests, lesbian priests and now… And Oh so expectantly a wiccan.

    Even you are just trolling. Read it and learn.

  6. You need to talk to the Pastor and express your concerns. Do they know that she is the town Wicca High Priestess? Are you sure of this, or is it a rumor? You should pray about it.

  7. if the church chose her then i don’t see a problem. definitely will be interesting. as for jesus he’d probably accept her.

  8. If you are not being a troll. which I believe you are, I would resign right now.

    I would not be a part of any church that has deacons that ignorant of God and His Holy Word.

  9. Baptists are one step away from being snake handlers anyway. Maybe you should find a real religion.

    Here’s a tip, you will be able to identify them by how difficult it is to join them. If hearting Jesus is the only qualification, take your business elsewhere.

  10. don’t worry It just a Wicca. You shouldn’t be so Judge mental Because of someones religion

  11. Are you absolutely certain you can show she is what you say? You should know what the Bible teaches. As her Pastor you need to confront her privately, with one other witness,(Should be female). If she refuses to repent then, take it to the other deacons, they have a responsibility as do you. You confront her as a group and if she still refuses to repent then you have to put her out. Make sure you do all of this in the love of Christ.

  12. That’s bizarre. I have to chime in with the others and suggest that perhaps you have the details wrong. I’ve never heard of a church having a non-member be a deacon. Doesn’t that defeat the point? That just doesn’t make any sense at all.

    And if she claims to also be a Christian, then she clearly is not using the word “Wiccan” in any context recognizable to most Wiccans.

  13. Yes, of course, King’s Creek Baptist Church should have a Wicca Priestess (it’s just a nature based religion and many accept Jesus as their’s not like they’re satan worshipers). Yes, she can serve as pastor. Jesus accepted all.

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