Out of body experiences and astral projection?

Sorry I put this question was in the wrong category before….
I’ve been reading a lot lately about astral* projection, dream walking, and out of body experiences and I would just like to hear some cool personal experiences if you guys have any?

If you don’t have anything then just tell me the craziest dream you’ve ever had. lol.
Sorry I put this question in the wrong category before***

6 thoughts on “Out of body experiences and astral projection?

  1. Astral travelling can be great if you can do it, but it is not easy.

    I only know about it from my partner, but many may do it in their dreams, so try and remember to write them down or record them in that half awake, half asleep state as you wake up. Be careful as you may get a headache when you try, or slip out and then fall back with a jerk.

  2. Well get ready to be lied to for very few people have had an out of body experiences and are here to tell you about it… There are a lost of lost souls out there that have their body taken over by other spirits that has lost tract as to where their own bodies were and before you start taking trips you need to be trained on how to reclaim your own body when you wist to return to it…… There are a lot of lies out there about outer body experiences and I hope that you don’t become a victim of one of those lies…………………..

  3. The astral plane is very close to the hall of records. Just a step further in is all. The astral plane is a record of every thought and action, but you cannot interact with any entitiy there. If you can you are not in the astral dimension but another.
    It would be a good idea to end your session if you can interact, until you are more profficient. There are many neggative entities that feed off your fear and will scare you for that purpose. You can get very lost in the different dimensions, which is why you should always use a guide. This can be an animal totem, but the thing to remember is to never lose contact with it because it is the one thing that can bring you back to this dimesion in one peice.

    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.

  4. Didn’t have an out of body experience.

    Well, i always dream VERY strange, honestly.
    But the very strangest was when i dreamed the same like my best friend.
    First we dreamed something with that we had to do something hard with fire and stuff, but we winned (that part was not the same, but the meaning was the same, obviously)
    And then, we had a second dream (same as the first dream)
    It was that we were on a tropical island with our parents, collecting seashells…

    Then i told her, like: “i had this strange dream last night…”.
    then she said: “are you being serious? i had the same dream!”.

  5. You can accept the theory that your spirit leaves the body into a different realm. Or the scientific theory that your mind reaches a point in which you can dream while aware (like lucid dreaming). I’ve studied it for a little, tried it. I never got fully “projected” but I got close. It seems scary, but it’s not. Don’t worry about getting hurt because it’s impossible.

  6. My experiences in the AP aren’t like others. I love doing “work” there.

    After I get out of my body, I go seek for “energy vampires” or anything else. These negs love feeding off of human energy to stay alive. So what I try to do is “kill” them.

    Ok, here’s one experience of the one I couldn’t “kill”….
    Couple months ago, I got out of my body…. yay… As I was about to leave, I felt a strange presence in the living room. So I shifted my attention there only to find this wavy-like neg spirit…… I was like… How did this thing get in My house??
    So I started thinking of a mantra to get rid of it when I just Froze. Couldn’t move at all…. only think….. I was like “Damn!!”…. and just closed my “eyes” and woke up.
    (I forgot the other mantra…. lol oops???)

    That’s all.

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