A basic and non-Quackary introduction to the secret meanings of the Fingers – Meet ‘Your’ Fingers ! PART 2 Of Fingers see ;- v=gopbZPUWRyg Video/ Music /Editing by Jim Winter @2010 copyright any enquiries to website –

12 thoughts on “PALMISTRY – THE FINGERS – JIM WINTER 1/2

  1. This new palmistry Video contains information about ‘Love and attachment Lines’.  v=kLPjbaWmNx4

  2. Great video Jim. I was just curious aswell, if someone holds their index finger away from their fingers, and does the same with their pinky, would this suggest they hold both leadership and communication skills, or is there more to it than that?

    Looking forward to learning more.

  3. Hi, Subjects hand should be Relaxed , you are judging how much the fingers bend backwards .. double jointed would be still classed as flexible. Best tested with the subjects palm face upwards , Then try bending their fingers backwards. Carefully of course !! 😉 If they do not bend at all or only slightly bend this is classed as more rigid routine , habit person etc . If the Fingers are really flexi, and the finger prints be all/mainly ‘Loops’ We have VeryFlexible/Changable !.

  4. when you see if there fingers are bendy or not do you have them hold there fingers stiff or have them relax?

  5. If the middle finger and ring finger are held apart, it shows that someone is a Vulcan.

  6. Hi.. Ive Just uploaded a new Palmistry Video (Fingers Part 2) …Jim

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