7 thoughts on “what are the best fresh herbs to use to cook chicken and pork chops with ?

  1. I grow rosemary, oregano, chives, parsley and basil – I use all of these herbs almost daily.

  2. Rosemary is yummy but it grows really tall and messy like a bush.

    Thyme is nice,basil,oregano,chives….they are all fairly easy to grow in small planters.

  3. rosemary is great and easy to grow and use, watch it it will spread and spread in the garden, I grow in a pot because of that….it’s great with poultry

    sage is also easy to grow, and great with pork

    parsley is easy to grow and a great herb for most everything including garnish

    oregano is also a great herb for italian dishes, fairly easy to grow
    all herbs need full sun!!

  4. Fresh thyme is great even to put in breading for fried chicken.
    I would grow thyme – in vinaigrettes or a greek salad it is amazing.

    Rosemary for pork.

  5. Thyme is my fave with chicken & pork. I also like savory, parsley, and chives. To familiarize yourself with what the flavor would be, you might sniff some dried herbs or visit a friend with an herb garden. It’s hard to figure out from fresh leaves without crushing them to release the essential oil.

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