18 thoughts on “Christians, do you think atheists should be in the Religion and Spirituality section?

  1. Thankfully, Christians/Theists don’t get to vote on our rights, unlike gay couples.

    Who knew we’d be so lucky? Anyway, I vote we stay. We have much better one-liners, and a much smaller proportion of people than you imagine believe that religion is a necessary condition of spirituality.

  2. If they want to be here, then yes, they should.

    There are spiritual people who aren’t part of an organized religion.

  3. I could care less who is here…..if people are so bothered by the presence of atheists, they have the option of not reading thier questions and answers.

  4. Well it can’t hurt having another point of view right?

    And religion doesn’t have a monopoly on spirituality.

    You can be Christian but not religious.

  5. They have a right like any one. Yes, Paul explained that the church was important, each member fulfilling their role, and he set up churches, and Christ went to church and established the church with the apostles. That is one of the reasons for baptism.

  6. Yes they should be here and it does not have to be spiritual, Satanists are part of the religion of Satanism which is a religion of atheists and carnal beliefs only

  7. Anyone should be allowed to be here, God is no respecter of persons. He requires the same from all of us, which has nothing at all to do with religion. We are spiritual whether we know it or not.

  8. It doesn’t bother me that they are in the R&S section….Apparently they aren’t totally convinced of their beliefs or lack of belief….I don’t believe in Mythology and Folklore…but I don’t go shooting my mouth off to those folks about what I believe and don’t believe….Some atheist will say that they are in here because they are spiritual….Funny how I don’t see anything said concerning spirituality by an atheist..

  9. Sure they should be here. I would assume you could have some spirituality in life without the belief in the supernatural.

  10. Absolutely!! How else will they find their Creator? Christianity is all about JESUS CHRIST and what HE did for HIS Creation. When we accept HIM who died a Horrible death on the Cross for us, We receive the Holy Spirit.

    We can not attain this without Salvation…….It’s FREE for the asking!

    WOW! My GOD died for little old me!

    GOD Bless YA,

    Chicago Bob. (Imasinner)

    Please pray for our Country and Our President (DAILY)



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  11. You mean as in category or as in should they be welcomed here?

    As a category yes I think they are very much considered spiritual, they just don’t realize that if you aren’t worshipping God you’re worshipping the world.
    EIther way you are choosing to worship and that is a spiritual thing.

    I think they should be welcomed here as well because we are all made up of the same stuff..we are all humans regardless how we choose.

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