3 thoughts on “What is the effect of using a herbal medicine along with a chemical medicine for a diabetes patient?

  1. Herbs don’t help control diabetes. They can cause adverse reactions. I spent 2 weeks in a hospital and almost died from it. There are no herbs that can cure or help treat diabetes. Plain and simple. There are those that will swear by them, but according to clincal trials, (tons of them) no herbs have been found to actually help even a little. People should know that just because something is “herbal” or even organic, does not mean it is not dangerous.

  2. I do use diet supplements as well as metformin. But, one is for my overall health and the medformin is focused for my diabetes. I also consulted my doctor and another professional for diet supplements. I visit my doctor every 90 days. I want to know if my health changes so I have an opportunity to improve it. I could be wrong, but I started out with a HbA1C of 12.1 and daily finger prick results of 600+. My last HbA1C was 5.5 and daily finger prick results hover around 110/85.

    Check with your doctor and dietitian. I do not know of anyone who has found the silver bullet for diabetes. However, the life style of a diabetic of eating better, exercise and common sense has been good one for me.

    Best Wishes

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