How do you contact your angels and spirit guides?

Some people say that they are able to contact both or they feel their presence. I’ve personally never felt the presence of angels or spirit guides, as far as I can remember, but I am opened to it and was wondering how it’s done. If anyone can share a personal experience of contacting them, I will be glad to hear about it. What do you generally feel/experience when you become aware of your angels’ or guides’ presence? Also, since angels and guides are here with us to help us through life, why do they not make themselves known more? I know people who feel so alone in the world and it just seems ironic that angels and spirit guides wouldn’t make an attempt to be acknowledged. Serious responses only, please!

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  1. well i don’t know but once i saw a man at school at the corner of my eye and when i turned and looked he was gone and no one was around where i saw him.

  2. read as many books as you can find at your local library by sylvia browne- you will learn alot about this subject

  3. Read: The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage… It has a good ritual/ invokation for the HGA (Holy Guardian Angel)… though not the only source.

  4. I had a very strange experience once where I felt like I was not alone in my mothers house, and at the same time i heard a loud screech owl outside. I had my camera handy because it happened to be Cristmas 2000, so I went outside and took pictures of this owl who was up on my mothers roof. When my pic came back I got a picture of the roof but there was no owl anywhere and there was a lot of sparkly ectoplasm and two big orbs floating around the roof.
    I had a feeling this was somehow my late grandfather visiting me and wishing me a merry Christmas. He died when I was 5 and we were buddies. Ever since then, I have a very strong feeling that he is never very far away from me, guiding me in the right direction, so whenever I pray or ask God for help, I always say hello to him and tell him I know he is with me. It is weird but I always feel very good after I greet him like that.
    I sometimes also get visions of little things that happen to me later in the future, but it is very rare that I get them and the things I see always end up happenening either the same day or the day after and have ended up having a had a special message for me in them, or have had a significant meaning to me. I wish I could tell you more about them, but it would take way too long.
    I used to not beleive in this type of thing until the Owl sighting happened and that convinced me that there are things on this Earth that cant be seen by our human eyes. :o)

  5. My mother came back from showing her friend Becky her new car,she said God, saved my life on the way to Becky’s, she said a hand on the wheel wouldn’t let her get in the middle lane she tried twice but that hand as she said it, held the wheel straight then a transfer truck went by speeding in that lane, she might have been seriously hurt or killed.I don’t know how to call on them, their with all who love God I believe.
    I heard a voice while in prayer to. rub his feet.I did. my father opened his eyes, he had been in a nine day coma from a stroke

  6. I read that you could pray to meet your spirit guide when you lie down at night and your mind is quiet, and you should also pray to be protected by God from evil spirits. I tried it, and I had a dream that I was flying over the edge of Africa. The ocean was turquoise, and the forest was very green. As I flew over each country, I named it out loud, and then I landed in the woods. I looked around and I saw a group of people building a house. I went inside and there was an old skinny toothless black man. I asked him to please rest and I would take his place working. He looked at me with great knowledge. I knew he was my spirit guide. When I awoke, I felt as if this was more than a dream. It felt very real. It is a great memory for me. I have tried the same prayer since but without luck.

  7. You don’t contact them, because you are not sure if it is satan imitating an angel. You can have a visit from an angel, but it is not because you contacted the angel, it is because the angel contacted you. Usually the angel will contact you in times of trouble, danger, or extreme sorrow.

  8. just speak to them they are around you all the time try a test and the ext time you are in a full parking lot ask your angel for a space if they provide then you know they are true and with you. you can call your angel just by sitting calmly and picturing them (everyone translates and sees their angel different) and they will come. your angels are constantly by your side but can not have an effect on your life unless you ask because the ‘mother’ gave us freedom of choice so they can point you in the right direction but not make you go in that direction. your angels are known to you and you would feel them every day angels are intition and gut feelings, angels are sunlight and clouds. angels are the reasoning voice. they are the smile on a child face. they are thoughts and ideas they are your muse and your love. these days we have so much interupting our lives that we fail to see the signs or take credit ourselves. you will meet your angels in your dreams, you may noy remember them but they kow who you are and they are ready when you call them. angels constantly make attempts to be ‘seen’ by you by doing all the things above but you need to be prepared to open your life and heart to them. when you were a baby you would have felt the touch of an angel although you do not remember it as that is when you were the most pure. your angels walk your life with you they feel what you feel and see what you see. open your heart to them and you will feel their guidance as you have felt it before you just werent ready to accept them. with out you accepting them you can not truely feel their guidance they need to be asked to be part of your life. so go ahead, ask them to guide you and know that they are here for you.

  9. In my case, I started using a pendulum to contact them. It worked for me instantly.The energy came up through my feet and into my whole body. Now, I have no need of pendulums, crystals or wands as they come to me naturally and we communicate on a spiritual level.

  10. read the book by sylvia browne angles and sprit guides. this will answer all of your questions on this matter. or read some books by james van praagh-talking to heaven

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