John William Waterhouse – Paintings

Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures. (Henry Ward Beecher) For, when with beauty we can virtue join, we paint the semblance of a form divine. (Maurice Maeterlinck ) John William Waterhouse (6 April 1849 — 10 February 1917) was an English Pre-Raphaelite painter most famous for his paintings of female characters from mythology and literature. He belonged to the later phase of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood. He was born in Rome to the painters William and Isabela Waterhouse, but when he was five the family moved to South Kensington, near the newly founded Victoria and Albert Museum. He studied painting under his father before entering the Royal Academy schools in 1870. His early works were of classical themes in the spirit of Alma-Tadema and Frederic Leighton, and were exhibited at the Royal Academy, the Society of British Artists and the Dudley Gallery.

18 thoughts on “John William Waterhouse – Paintings

  1. Very nice, one of my favorite painters, I have several prints throughout the house along with two of the Lady Of Shallot

  2. Daca am reusit sa-ti fac azi ziua mai frumoasa atunci este bine pentru mine :))) Nu stiu numele melodiei pentru ca le aleg dintr-o mare de fisiere, functie de ce “simt” ca se potriveste pe tematica. :((( pareri de rau.

  3. Sublim! Multumesc! Mi-ai facut ziua mai frumoasa cu acest mixaj.
    Cum se numeste melodia din fundal?

  4. Oh my first comment does not show, just said thanks for this wonderful post I adore his work !! Top stars and fav box!!!

  5. Forgot to say I have borrowed some of his paintings in a couple of vids I adore his work!!!!!

  6. Let me hug u tight, my gorgeous friend :))) If u appreciate my montage, then…I am happy too :))) extra-surprise is your intend to take it on Ipod :))****

  7. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh
    I simply ADORE THIS SO MUCH!!
    This is going on my IPod…and will most definetly be featured soon….
    ahh you are so sweet Shanti!!
    This is simply gorgeous!!!! XOXOXO

  8. E minunat cand cineva cauta frumosul, il gaseste, mai pune putin din sufletul lui, iar apoi il daruieste celor din jurul sau!

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