25 thoughts on “Skeptic’s Guide to the I Ching

  1. That was dumb and u dont know how to use something that is scientific in its proper use. If u have the intent and the understanding of the principles and concepts as u do then it is jus random. So silly for u to try to talk about superstitious things to validate u own belief-system that is jus a another self righteous religion called atheism! Jus like religious people who to claim that they know god & ultimate truth is same as u knowing that he doesnt exist!! lol

  2. Ha ha ha. You sound like a guy who lost a chick at a party. You sound angry. Are you a short person? The I-Ching is a guide. Back in the early days (and now) people saw alot of bad things. Anything that had good morals and made a person feel good about themselves was a gift. For a little fun tossing some sticks you could get some feel good information.Some common sense information that many people lack. And some good moral values. How can you find something wrong with that?

  3. @AncientWolfHP Whatever, you can’t respond to the facts I presented, so you resort to name-calling. The fact remains, you know nothing about the I-Ching and have no business proving nor disproving it. You don’t really want to debate anything, you just need to feel superior to thousands of years of Chinese culture which used the I-Ching. You don’t have anything to really prove other than “how much you know” which turns out to be very little.

  4. @AncientWolfHP
    Look, you get on the net calling yourself a High Priest and you’re trollbait.
    It’s that simple.

  5. @AlmightyAtheismo It’s always funny to me when idiots start with ad hominem attacks just because they can’t win the original argument. Next time actually study a subject if you’re going to try to debunk it.

  6. @AncientWolfHP Whatever moron. I was trying to help you out because you look like a moron trying to debunk the I-Ching when you obviously have NO clue what you’re doing. I don’t care one way or the other if you believe in the I-Ching, just saying your video is incredibly misinformed and does a poor job proving the point you were attempting to prove. I see you can’t take constructive criticism and instead need to lob insults at someone’s beliefs so that you can feel superior.

  7. @AncientWolfHP
    Well… normally, if you were a mere Reverend Priest of a religion you just made up, I’d dismiss this kind of comment as being typical unsubstantiated assertions about the operation of a force whose existence hasn’t been established.
    But since you are in fact a Reverend HIGH Priest of a religion you just invented, I’d be in error not to give this bullshit *ahem* this information due consideration.

  8. @AlmightyAtheismo Because movement is the essence of life, rather than standing still. The moving lines make more than a minute difference and yield two sets of trigrams rather than one pair/set.
    Yes, if you really studied the I-Ching and focused on reading it with intent, any method you use would yield some sort of results, likely accurate. However, without the moving lines you’re missing more than half of the reading. You’d miss a lot of information, even with a serious reading.

  9. @AncientWolfHP
    With all due courtesy Mr. “Reverend High Priest” (lmao), why would the use of moving lines make any difference?
    If there truly is a sentient force with all extant knowledge and wisdom at it’s disposal that ALSO can read the thought patterns of human beings sidestepping all language barriers, then why would such subtle differences be a deal breaker?

  10. I don’t know about the “toss” method being older, but either it’s an inferior method or you’re doing it wrong. I-Ching readings should yield 2 sets of trigrams, usually with moving lines. The moving lines make all the difference in the world to the reading, and yield a second set of 2 trigrams (gua.)

    In addition, I’ll agree with those who say you’re asking fictitious questions without any meditation nor preparation for casting the I-Ching.

  11. hahaha. what? first i heard of it was in book by Miguel Serrano on Hermann Hesse & Carl Jung…yet you have this pompous attitude that it couldn’t possibly ‘work’

    There’s a massive amount that you didn’t touch on and basically look like an ass to anyone who actually studies the Tao.

  12. I flipped some coins and it did tell me truth, but dont you know it will answer you only if you respect it.
    I am sorry if you cant find the truth, but what you did was screw history, i rather screw this system because it is screwing me.
    Focus my friend on what is important.

  13. @AlmightyAtheismo you look at everything with the intention to destroy it,
    I see the eastern land as wise, unlike europa and america.
    I am from europe, but if u ask me we are so getting screwed by those who build this system, my legs still hurt from the work i did today.

    You do know that this system is made to keep us in chains dont you?
    Willson woodrow on youtube should give at least some insight.
    Maybe some of my favorite’s will shed some light.

    History is there to learn from

  14. @rbairos1
    That’s reasonable enough.
    For my part, I originally gravitated toward the I Ching because of it’s importance to the study of East Asian history and culture.
    Like many religious or spiritual texts, it contains great insight into the attitudes of the ancient cultures that produced them.
    So from a secular / skeptical point of view, I would say that it is in fact a very important book.
    Just as long as people understand that they are learning about the past and not the future.

  15. C’mon its not consistent to demote ‘bohemius odorificus’ only to glorify a chick because shes hot 😉
    At any rate, I like the i’ching obviously not as a divination tool, but as a tribute to ancient binary mathematics and early attempts to quantize knowledge.

  16. @AlmightyAtheismo “That is the dumbest shit I have ever heard.”

    I did. You obviously do not understand fully the implications of “Cogito ergo sum”.

  17. @DarkwingScooter
    “There is ultimately no rational basis for making any decision.”
    That is the dumbest shit I have ever heard.

  18. @AlmightyAtheismo “Oh, please elaborate.”

    There is ultimately no rational basis for making any decision. Go back, again, and read Descartes until you understand it.

    Then go read Russel (Principle of Mathematics) and understand why he was so perturbed by Russel’s paradox. Then check Goedel’s incompleteness theorem, the entscheidungsproblem and the Heisenberg’s principle.

    You will then understand why atheist claims to rationality is baseless and why “rational” computers can’t think.

  19. @DarkwingScooter
    “Atheists kinda miss the point with these things,”
    Oh, please elaborate.

  20. Interesting story. Apparently the inspiration for binary notation came from a misreading of the I Ching. Ironic.


    Atheists kinda miss the point with these things, the criticism comes of as little more than callow bigotry even if it is “technically”, in the weakest sense, correct.

  21. Hes not getting real ansewers cuz he isn’t asking real questions.Spooky enough whenever I would ask it an insincere question id get a reprimand saying that my inquiry was not valid since it was not heartfelt.i was getting so good at diving the oracle that i could usually predict the hexagrams Id get before even casting it.

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