Spiritual Path: Why people fall off or do not take up the spiritual path?

www.yogeeshashram.org http Living Enlightened Master, Acharya Shree Yogeesh, explains why people fall of the spiritual path or decide not to take up the spiritual path. He uses one strong word, Ignorance, and explains why people remain lost, suffering, and in pain. Spiritual Blog by Disciple: siddhalishree.com

22 thoughts on “Spiritual Path: Why people fall off or do not take up the spiritual path?

  1. very helpful, i am an artist who created a video piece on becoming enlightened or taking the path of enlightenment. For a college project but has now become very important and is now a continuous artwork for my life now.


    It is not easy to be in the minority,but once yoy STEP OUT of the crasy house you don’t go back, no matter what.

  3. Thank you. I appreciate you sharing your wisdom. I wish I could meet you in real life. I grew up Mennonite and I love the words of Jesus on the sermon on the mount, but I am utterly bored and dissatisfied with Christianity. I love people but they sure can be frustrating.
    Still, I am hoping that I can find some path to serving others with some volunteer program, who knows, maybe one day I will find a living teacher.

  4. i just dont understand why we have to ORGANIZE ideas and beliefs, why cant we all have in some way the same belief but in different forms. why hindi, why christianity, why judaism, why atheism, why organize ideas . let us all be unique.

  5. we ourselves made this life what it is now.
    we ask the questions, we get the answer, which makes us ask more questions, lol
    but yea, life is confussing not because of ‘god’ but our understanding needs ‘proof’ and death is only frightening because of ourselves again, we dont understand death because we’ the living have not experineced……we will one day : ) just try not to be afraid of the untold, tell that to yourself : )

  6. So TRUE! This is the basis of all major Spiritual Teachings. I hope, at the time of Ascension on the 5th D we will unite in Divine Love and Divine Wisdom. Blessings and Thanks for posting. ~.~

  7. Thank you for this insight. I have told many people this truth about ignorance, and their ego becomes inflamed. I’ve explained it a few different ways, but the best way I ever heard it was through a discourse on the 5 kleshas. Which ultimately come to: Being ignorant of the true nature of reality.
    Ego doesn’t like to hear that.

  8. if there is a god, why did god make life so confusing, and hard to find meaning or truth? and why did god make death so frightening?

  9. I just have to say I love you! 🙂 Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching and yes that is very very true, it has happened to me several times. Its always the Ego and our ignorance that gets in the way. Once we tame that we will be able to shower others with unconditional love and true compassion. Just watching you speak fills me with so much peace. Thank u

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