Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Cancer

Cancer men are the most sensitive men in the zodiac and have a difficult time articulating their needs and desires. Date a man who has a Cancer astrological sign withtips from a professional astrologer in this free video on zodiac signs. Expert: Janet Sciales Contact: Bio: Janet Sciales has been a professional astrologer since 1983, speaking on the radio, as well as on local and national television. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz

25 thoughts on “Dating by Zodiac Sign : How to Date a Cancer

  1. I’ll agree with some of these things. As a Cancer guy, I’m big enough to admit I love romantic and soft things – they’re worth protecting, you know?

    I do have to take issue (Didn’t see that coming, huh?) with the notion that Cancer guys look for caretakers, rather than mates… as though they’re looking to be nurtured as a child. Immature Cancer guys can certainly fall into this. But for my part, and the parts of lots of people I know, I love “mom” types as a husband… not a son. 😉

  2. @morena1022 o.o i suck at saying what i want XD but i don’t know if i say i don’t care and you do something i don’t like ill just go with it f*** it i said i don’t care was my fault XD hate not bein able to speak up sometimes

  3. Hi all. I’m a Libra/Scorpio cusp and had a terrible experience with a Cancer man. I gave him my all in terms of emotions. She is right in that they are not clear with what they want and tend to ‘dance around the lake’ than tell you what they need. Love with a Cancer means CONSTANTLY guessing what they feel. My libra side is VERY impatient to that because librans are big on expression, but my scorpio side wanted to try and make it work. But, eventually, I had to move on.

  4. I have a boyfriend now thats a cancer and i told him we can have a watter gun fight with bubbles and he changed more better easily lol ;D

  5. and the part about food is true. pretty much everything besides the sensitive part haha

  6. well i dated 2 cancers and they were both momma’s boys so that part’s right ha


  8. @TheAb1223
    Sorry, but every person I know who has the Sun in Aries has been the way I described lol Sorry, I was really p***ed of with my Aries friend.

    And I agree, the Sun sign isn’t the end all be all of indicators; planetary alignments play a huge role, as well.

  9. @TheCrystalRiver I wasnt meaning anything rude by my comment my BF is a cancer sign, no need for that comment to be honest i dont play games and i guess your entitled to your opinion but its really not necessarily thought through properly…being a certain star sign doesnt mean you are exactly that type of person to be honest its only astorlogy dont get to deep in to it…the date and hour your born makes a difference and what following sun sign you have etc…

  10. @TheAb1223
    Yeah, that’s because most Aries just want to f*** with people.
    Unfortunately, you guys don’t realize that almost every sign realizes your game, and just laughs and goes along with it as to not reveal to you how stupid you really are.

    Get all that, Aries?
    Love, Capricorn.

  11. if my hoes make me food i wont eat f*** that the only hands i eat from r my moms and some resturants and i dont cook food f*** that and i anit sensitive and i know what i want and need im not looking for another mom i already have one that p***es me off i dont need another one
    july 8th baby

  12. Yes you are. Cancers do not need luxury at all as long as you do sth thoughtful for them, they will remember that for good. Good luck.

  13. Generally no. Lirans are not compatible with cancer. they are compatible with aquarius. But try it.

  14. You know lots of people told me that Cancer goes best with Taurus and I was always like WTF? How can both be compatible, a bull vs a crab. but I have been following a lot of comments from taurans and most of them have cancer partners and they love cancers. Good for you. maybe I should find myself a Tauran.

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