Herbal medicine to avoid premature ejaculation?

I am 33 and recently experience this problem when I am too excited can’t last 2 mins with my girl. Is Paxa Ginseng pill working for this problem? Thanks for ur advice.

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  1. nooooo dont do that stuff it makes your dic* smaller and it does not work dont do it

  2. That crap will not work at all:try to Google Kegels and practice them and in a short time you will last longer.

  3. I don’t think that will work. You could try masturbating before you go to your date. Also try fully withdrawing your penis a couple times for about ten seconds and just keep loving on her and she will be unaware of what you are doing. This interrupts your feelings and delays your orgasm.

  4. From what I’ve seen there are a lot of herbal alternatives to viagra some have reported to have good results.

    But like some of the answers already given premature ejaculation can also be controlled with exercises.

    Many have had great success with these methods.

  5. Exercise To Cure Premature Ejaculation

    The Start Stop Technique : The basic technique is stimulation of the penis until just before the point of orgasm, and then stopping stimulation until arousal is lower. Start stimulating again and the process is repeated until desired length of time until orgasm is reached, You may lose your erection when you stop the stimulation, but just start again. The most Important part of this exercise is to try everyday if possible. This exercise may take 3-5 months for improvement.

    Pelvic floor muscles : Stop the flow of urine while you are peeing. As you are peeing, intentionally stop the flow of urine. Do this several times until you can clearly feel the muscle you are using to stop the flow.


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