2 thoughts on “How does astrology work and where does astrologers get the crews on what happens in individual lives?

  1. Astrology began back when folks thought the earth was the center of the universe. Most stars in the sky moved predictably – because they’re synced with the rotation of the earth around the sun; they change the same way (almost) each year. So, they fit with the earth being the stationary center. The planets, however… their movements DIDN’T make sense at all. It’s kind of hard to picture, but… a whole bunch of eliptical orbits, different sizes, at different angles, and taking drastically times to complete one orbit around the sun… they’re totally haywire! Their brightness, placement, alignment, all vary from year to year, decade to decade, and even further. So, to make these seemingly random movements jive with the idea of every celestial body fixed in orbit around the earth, the (Greeks?) decided that these particular bodies were floating in (uh oh… vapors or something, I’ll get back to you). This material was important – shoot, now my memory of this lesson gets a little fuzzy, but I think they thought the movement of the planets (the special bodies) reflected the intention of this matter, and that they could learn truths by analyzing the bodies’ movements, and thus analyzing the material that guided their movements.

    Sorry – this was from a lesson from one of my favorite history professors last term… he like an encyclopedia or random facts. It’s so cool – you can ask ANYTHING and he’ll probably just rattle off the answer, names and dates and all 🙂 But there you go.

    The significant part, though – the earth is NOT the center of orbit. Put the sun in the center and think of the earth as one of those “strangely moving bodies” – and it’s all clear. Basically: how does it work? It doesn’t. Not if you’re into science, anyway.

    Edit: The “celestial fluid” the planets supposedly floated through…. it’s called the ether 🙂 There!

  2. There are different approaches to predictive astrology.

    The most commonly used would be transits, i.e. the position of the planets today compared to the position of the planets at the exact time you were born. They look at the aspects that those ‘transiting’ planets make with the ones in your birth chart (the position of the planets at your exact time and day of birth)

    Another form of predictive astrology is horary astrology. Again, they look at the current position of the planet, but instead of comparing it to your chart, they read their aspects and meanings in order to form an answer to your question.

    Then there are solar return charts, based on the exact degree the sun was in at your time of birth, with which they make a new chart every year with the sun at the exact same degree as it was at your birth, formulating a general tendency for that year, every year.

    There is also a very conspicuous form of astrology called secondary progressions, and so on.

    Astrology itself, as in looking at the chart for someones personality, is just natal astrology, and that is only a position of the planets based on your time date and place of birth. It is only just a description of your personality, and the only thing they can predict by using that is how you would react in certain situations.

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