How long did it take you to induce lucid dreams?

I want to attempt to have lucid dreams.
I’ve never had one before
I’ve started to write down my dreams and work on dream recall, but how long does it take to have actual lucid dreams?

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  1. As far as I know they can’t be induced. At least I’ve never heard of it. I’ve had lucid dreams all my life, even as a toddler I remember having them, and everyone I know how isn’t a lucid dreamer has just been that way their whole life. I always thought people just know if they’re dreaming or they don’t. I recommend researching lucid dreaming to see how and if it’s possible to turn yourself into a lucid dreamer if you weren’t born one.

  2. I use to have them as a kid, but I never actually learned about it until I was older. From the moment I started to deliberately induce them, I had my first one on the third day I think. Everyone is different, and it depends how motivated you are to have them, so it’s hard to say how long it will take to have one. You should have one within a week or so, but don’t get discouraged if you don’t. You will have one sooner or later if you keep at it.

  3. …Ive had short minor lucid dreams…but a couple nights ago i stayed awake till 4am on a school night and didnt sleep much the night before and was extremely tired…i had the longest lucid dream in the world…it was amazing….i think its from your body being tired, cause each time my body was extremely tired.
    BTW: i went to sleep @ 430…and woke up @ 600am it felt 12 hours long…it was amaizng, until i woke up and i felt somebody standing over me and saw an image but…uhm idk…it was weird but i went back to sleep and went right back to my dream, its amazing.

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