Were Easter and Christmas scheduled on the days they are to cover up the Pagan holidays?

I was reading “A World Lit Only by Fire”, and it states that Easter and Christmas were scheduled on the days that they are because beforehand, there were Pagan holidays those days, and the Romans thought that if they put Christian holidays on those days, they’d be greatly more popular. Is this true?

4 thoughts on “Were Easter and Christmas scheduled on the days they are to cover up the Pagan holidays?

  1. Cover up isn’t correct, more like coincide with those events. The church knew they couldn’t keep people from celebrating pagan days that went back many, many years so they decided to introduce their religious holiday at the same time. That way people celebrating the religious day would stand out like sore thumbs against the pagans. Slowly, the church was able to turn the celebration into what they wanted.


  2. Yes… Christmas was created by the first Christian Roman emperor Constantine in 325 AD to supersede the Pagan holidays of Saturnalia & the birth of Sol Invictus (the Unconquered Sun) which both were on the 25th of December. However, the “word” Easter comes from Pagan sources but Easter has always been celebrated in Springtime because Jesus was crucified during the “Passover” holiday which is always held on the first full moon of Spring. Easter is always held on the first Sunday after the first full moon of Spring. The first day of Spring, aka the Spring Equinox, has always been subject to many Pagan holidays & that’s how the “Christian Passover” got the “English” Pagan name of Easter which is an old celtic or norse pagan Spring festival.

    Edit: I wish to add that St Valentines day (14 February) was created to supersede the Pagan Roman “Lupercalia”.

  3. Yes, it is true. The easiest way to “covert” a people is by modifying the religious celebrations they already have. Christmas, in particular, is where it is because the early Christians modified a pagan winter solstice celebration that was all about the Sun returning and rebirth. Easter originally replaced an equinoctal celebration that was the start of spring and new life returning.

  4. Christians created their holidays on or around the same days as Pagan holidays to make it easier to convert the Pagans to Christianity. They figured Pagans were Creatures-of-Habit and would continue to celebrate their holidays, and instead of celebrating Ostara (for example) they would instead celebrate Easter and the rising of the Christian Lord Jesus Christ from the dead.

    It was done as a means of Conversion.

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