Which wiccan tools can you find in nature?

I am a new wiccan that lives in a wooded area. I need to know what tools you can find in the woods. BTW there is a spring on my property where there are tons of stones. I have no ritual tool now except for some incense and essention oils and i know where to get candles.

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  1. A lot of the Wiccans I know would say that nature itself is a “tool” for you to use for your prayers.

  2. You can find a wand by finding a fallen branch or twig that catches your eye. You can find clay and make yourself a bowl or chalice. You can find nearly everything you’d need for tools in nature. I didn’t have a store bought tool until I’d been a pagan for 3 years. I also use a LOT of kitchen stuff – spoons, glasses, knives, etc. Magic is where you find it. Blessings!

  3. So…you need candles, and you want to know how to find tolls in nature. Are you asking us to point out where the candle tree is?

    Honestly, if you can’t figure out which tools can be handmade, you’re not really at the point of needing them. Seriously, it should be common sense. Also, there is zero need for you to collect random tools. Continue studying. Figure out what tools you would find useful, then figure out how to acquire them.

    BTW, I tend to get my candles at places like WalMart

  4. Various stones can be used to represent the elements, or God and Goddess.

    A stick can be crafted into a wand. A bigger stick can be a staff.

    A flat stone or slice of tree stump can be made into a pentacle.

    Any small bowl or seashell can hold earth and water, respectively.

    A large seashell filled with salt or sand can hold incense cones.

    Any cup can be used as your cup.

    Any heat-proof pot can be used as a cauldron.

    If you can’t have an athame, just use the wand for the same purposes. Or use a letter opener.

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