Religion &spirituality. Do you think a major correction is due regardless of any one religion?

The almost collapse of the family unit, morality, abuse of children, human trafficking,even major reputable money institutions (up till now) cheating the common man to the tune of Billions, hero worship of people with no character at all etc.
According to all scriptures the world over, a major correction takes place in the form of natural calamities.
Religion and spirituality aside, just mother nature in its survival instinct
can act most violently. It may decide that the stuck up human race is no longer needed!

9 thoughts on “Religion &spirituality. Do you think a major correction is due regardless of any one religion?

  1. Stop watching so much news. It is not that the world has gotten worse, it is that it has become more televised.

  2. So be it, but…

    As for the things you mentioned…

    Humans will be Humans, regardless. It’s their nature.

  3. people of any era have had no problem manufacturing perceived “signs” of an alleged end. Certainly the 1300s had more credible “signs” than today, with massive famines and plagues and wars that decimated the world.

  4. Your entire premise is irrational and not well thought out. The “calamities” you describe have been commonplace since pre-history. EVERY generation thinks that their special, unique generation is somehow the worst or the best or the least moral or the most brilliant or somehow dramatically different than the previous one, and that it spells some kind of vast upheaval. This outlook however is simply due to a lack of perspective, and massive ego.

    Additionally, “mother nature” is not a being that “decides” things one way or the other. “Stuck up” is the way the human race has always been. Where have YOU been not to have noticed?

  5. Well, yes. Making that change by choice is hardly going to happen, though – pretty much what you pointed out.

  6. Did you know that crime is actually down across developed nations, yet is covered now more in news media than any other subject? We have medicines to prevent outbreaks of horrible pandemic diseases and sophisticated technology to detect and anticipate the occurrence of devastating natural disasters. At no point in history has the world been more alert and ready to respond to any “major correction” we may need.

    Don’t believe the crap you read in a 2000 year-old book.

  7. I agree what is needed is an increase in the amount of delusional theistic behavior. /sarcasms

  8. Regardless of religion, I understand that a major correcton is need. But we have to look at it not in terms of natural calamities or disasters.

    The correction has to and will come as a result of human understanding as a whole that the current way of life is not benefiting them at all. Rather destroying the very basis of humanity.

    As such we should not leave it for disasters to clear things up. Be an optimist and give your maximum in the direction you feel is the most positive. Make sure you follow all the values you preach and thats your part in the major correction.

  9. Yes, we most certainly are living in interesting times..

    Firstly, there has been a powerful group of families and individuals known as the Illuminati who have controlled our world for their own benefit and profit for the past 13,000 years..The *systems* they originally set up are still in use today and EVERY aspect of our lives has been covered to push us into believing their lies and secret control, whether that be via governments, royals, police, local authorities, banking and financial system, the medical world and even, sadly, religion, for ALL steer power over the people and profit to them..Even the Fed Reserve and major banks are privately owned by them as is all the major financial system..Every authority is headed by their minions..

    What is different about THIS time period is that the Light within humanity IS increasing (Light is the spiritual aspect of Love and Love is the direct expression of The Creator), so that increasing Light is actually now revealing more and more of that dark control (making it appear, as you state, that things are getting worse) as well as beginning to implode their whole dark and self centred system, beginning with their power base, the banking and financial system, for there is another banking system (BASEL ll) ready and waiting to come in very soon which will be greatly BENEFICIAL for us, the masses, as soon as the full truth is revealed and the dark controllers are publicly outed, arrested and brought to book, which will begin to happen this year..

    Indeed, many arrests have already been made but our equally dark controlled media, much of it directly owned by some of those dark controllers whose names are publicly known, ensures that we never get to hear about these things, except on specific sites on the net!..

    A host of whistleblowers are almost ready to step forward and reveal what our governments have REALLY been up to, which will HORRIFY and shock people, about 9.11 for one and much more..

    Chocko, you are totally wrong!..All Planets are alive and conscious and work naturally to rebalance themselves, and our world is no exception!..We have not been told MANY truths, but soon there will be very important revelations about that and other things, including the religious teachings of the masters, which have all been *doctored* subsequently so as to increase disagreement, distrust and hatred between people, for a people separated are kept away from their individual and group power, and BOY, are we all powerful!..That*s why we are told that we are grovelling sinners by those who wish to keep that truth from us!

    So, yes, our Planet is doing some natural cleansing of the negative energy that mankind has inflicted on her, whether that be by earthquake, flood, fire or volcanic eruption, all of which are on a steadily increasing *graph* over recent years, BUT, human beings on Earth ARE important in the greater scheme of things, and currently we are being protected from some of the more serious attempts by those who cruelly rule over us to reduce our numbers and cause mayhem, including the major *terrorist* attacks and the scam *war on terrorism* both financed and organised by the same dark groups who also run our governments as well as owning all the multinationals..

    Wars and mayhem are VERY profitable for some!

    The Biblical prophecies re armageddon have now been overridden due to our increasing Light and there will be NO more major wars, nuclear detonations also, for they were forbidden by our Creator several years back as they actually can damage and destroy Souls in other vibrational realities which inhabit the same physical space, but doesnt prevent our rulers from continuing to threaten in that way.

    So this period, climaxing in 2012, IS about major changes happening on every level which have already begun, and this is a universal shift, not just on Earth..The atmospheres of the other planets in our skies are changing too, so that negates the claim by our rulers that global warming is TOTALLY our fault because of the CO2 we release into our skies!.Our exhaust fumes dont reach to Mars or Venus!!..Nevertheless, we MUST stop polluting the air, seas and land which is speeding up those climatic changes…

    Global warming, like the downfall of the banking system, is MEANT to be happening to prepare the way for a TOTAL change in 2012, so we will see more and more changes happening as we approach that date..WE are changing, our weather is changing and even TIME is changing, speeding by ever faster and that process will continue to accelerate as the months roll by!.No, it*s NOT just that we are getting older!

    Our governments know about these things, why dont WE?..Soon, we will!..Fascinating if dramatic times to come, initially uncomfortable for many but suddenly changing for the better in a most amazing manor!

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