8 thoughts on “since christians still celebrate jesus birthday on a pagan holiday?

  1. The Christians noticed that everyone was celebrating something other than Christianity (winter solstice) and they wanted to get a piece of the action and moved it to December and thus trying to steal the holiday. I could have sworn stealing was a sin!

  2. no, christians are not pagans, if they follow Jesus and His teachings.

    It doesn’t matter really what date we celebrate Jesus’ birth, as long as we do celebrate it.

  3. no- obviously not that doesn’t make any scence at all. They just set a date and went with it their still celebrating his birth if they are true Christians.

  4. I don’t understand why some people find Christmas’s origins so fascinating. No, of course Christians celebrating Jesus’ birthday on a pagan holiday doesn’t mean that we’re also pagan, because we don’t share pagan beliefs.

    If you accept the Big Bang model, does that mean you’re Catholic, since it was first developed and proposed by a Catholic? Of course not…. How is this any different?

    EDIT: Three thumbs down and still no one explaining how it’s different… Hmm….

  5. It doesn’t make them Pagan ’cause they don’t know the roots of what they’re doing. Therefore, it makes them ignorant.

    Someone here said that true Christians celebrate Christ’s birth. I have some questions for you. Show me in the Bible where it says:
    1) the date of Christ’s birth (when to celebrate)
    2) teaching folks that they’re celebrate Christ’s birth
    3) teaching folks how they are to celebrate

    As for the date, there is no date stated. If it was stated, it certainly wouldn’t be December 25th, would it?

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