What tarot card deck is best for a beginner ?

I’ve been interested in Tarot cards for a couple of months and I was wondering what Tarot card deck is the best one for beginners, or one that is easy to understand.


7 thoughts on “What tarot card deck is best for a beginner ?

  1. 1. Tarot cards are very bad
    2. they are against God
    3. That silly magic stuff doesn’t work.
    4. You’d rather use tarot cards than ask God for help?

  2. find one with artwork that speaks to you. A good tarot deck should have the cards’ meanings embedded in the imagery.

  3. Try the “Healing with the Fairies” they are easy to use and they approach all types of deities.. such as angels, fairies and God…

  4. Rider-Waite is the basic one. You can sometimes find decks with the meaning of the card printed on the card itself (saves memorization). Otherwise, I really like the Celtic Dragon and American Indian decks. A lot of people like The Tarot of the Cat People, too.

  5. Rider-Waite is a great one to start out with. Do your homework before buying cards. If you’re just now getting into it, look for ones that have the number and suit of the card on the face, that helps immensely. Tarot decks have 78 cards in a deck. Anything more or less and you’re probably looking at an oracle deck. Look for 78. Also, look for ones that fit comfortably in your hands. My first deck was enormous and I couldn’t shuffle them for anything, so they were designated to their pretty little box, never to be brought out again.

    Here’s a good place to start looking: http://www.aeclectic.net/tarot/

    There’s a lot of decks AND good info on that site.

  6. Rider-Wate was the most suitable for me when I was a beginner. There are so many guide books and information for it. And I think, if you work with well known deck, you can get more assists and useful information from people than any other deck. This is my reason to recommend it.

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